The Ridgefield Board of Education is a board of nine volunteers, elected by the registered voters in Ridgefield.

Duties of the BOE are defined in Connecticut state legislation (CGS 10-220 and CGS 10-186). BOE members are agents of the state, responsible for implementing the educational interests of the state. They are responsible to maintain good public elementary and secondary schools and provide educational activities which best serve the interest of the school district (CGS 10-220).

The Ridgefield BOE is also governed by the Ridgefield Town Charter (Article IV, Sec 4-10) and the BOE policies and bylaws.

The BOE is the governing body of the school district. “School boards are not responsible for the day-to-day management of the school district. That job is left to the professional educators hired by the school board. The school board delegates district administration and daily operations to the superintendent” (CABE). The Superintendent is the Chief Operating Officer (CGS 10-157(a)).

Broadly, the BOE’s main three roles are: hiring and evaluating the superintendent, adopting policies to serve as guidelines for the general management of the district, and adopting the school budget.

BOE members do not have individual authority. The board is a collective body that has authority to take action only when it is acting as a whole during an official board meeting.

Margaret Stamatis