In support of a pot-free Ridgefield

To the Editor:

Our letter concerns the article from the July 1 edition of The Ridgefield Press, which reported that Gov. Ned Lamont signed a recreational marijuana law into effect for our state.

While this is alarming to us, it was gratifying to read that First Selectman Rudy Marconi is not comfortable with the law. He would like to prevent weed-related retail shops, production facilities and dispensaries from coming to our town of Ridgefield, and to that we say bravo.

Coincidentally, on the day this article we published we also received our copy of Newsmax magazine, which included an article by Ben Stein titled “Marijuana Harms Everyone Who Touches it.” Highlighted in red print in Stein’s article were the following words: “Marijuana makes the user stupider, slower, less risk averse, a far worse driver, a more irresponsible parent or child, a much inferior student.”

As parents and grandparents, we have long considered marijuana a “gateway drug” that often leads to the use of more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. Surely adults legalizing the “gateway drug” are setting a very terrible example for our impressionable young children. However, we are not condemning medical marijuana that may be helpful for certain health reasons and monitored by a medical doctor.

We applaud First Selectman Marconi and will support him in his concerns about legalizing recreational marijuana, and we certainly hope the entire Board of Selectmen will do the same.

Raymond and Catherine Sementini, Ridgefield