Great candidates in Ridgefield

To the Editor,

Ridgefield is fortunate to have excellent candidates running in this election.

Julia London, Meg Oyunbazar and Stavros Natsopoulos are running for the Board of Education. They believe the local school board should represent Ridgefield parents rather than Hartford, and that schools should keep political activism out of the classroom. Accordingly, they want to hear parents’ concerns.

Julia has a legal background and wants schools to stay open, and in person. With a law degree and world business travel, Meg brings a wealth of life experience to the position. Both Meg and Stavros lived under Communist ideology and know that freedom can only exist where every civil opinion can be heard, whether from students or parents. Julia, Meg and Stavros believe academic excellence should be top priority.

Robert Lavelle and Russ Porter are candidates for the Board of Finance. Robert enjoys financial analysis and has a direct, amicable style. With both a degree in accounting and accounting experience with companies here and abroad, he is well qualified. He wants to see our commercial base expanded to alleviate some of the tax burden on homeowners.

Russ has been a financial professional at IBM and is now CFO at the Institute of Management Accountants. He sees future rising costs due to the pandemic, infrastructure, pensions, maintenance and debt interest as issues that will require smart, balanced decision making.

Marcie Coffin has been on the Board of Police Commissioners for 10 years. John Frey is also an incumbent and has worked with the police department during his 22 years as our state representative. Patrick Walsh is an attorney in town and has served on several of our boards over the years. All three candidates will work to ensure our police officers have the resources and support they need to continue their outstanding job.

Linda Lavelle, Ridgefield