Giving Thanks: Ridgefield Golf Course, Odeen’s BBQ

Corn Maze 2017 Newtown Ct.

Corn Maze 2017 Newtown Ct.

To the Editor:

Many thanks to the folks at Ridgefield Golf Course and Odeen’s restaurant for helping to host a fabulous back-to-school barbeque for parents of Ridgfield Young Life/Wyldlife teens. The location of the golf course at sunset was perfect, and Odeen’s barbeque was exceptional. It’s a blessing to have such a beautiful spot here in town.

Thanks also to Young Life/Wyldlife parents and leaders who came out to support Young Life’s work in Ridgefield with middle school and high school kids.

Many thanks again to Ridgefield Golf Course and Odeen’s.

Alison Zuckert

Ridgefield Young Life/Wyldlife Committee