GOP Viewpoint: Ridgefield Parents for a Better BoE

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As I reflect on this past week, I think how proud I am of our group of five parents who have been working together to represent our community on the Ridgefield Board of Education. That hard work was recognized as we won the recent Republican primary. Thank you to all of you who came out to vote or supported us!

None of the five individuals on our slate; myself, Rachel Ruggeri, Sean McEvoy, Rob Ceccarini and Bryan Ward are politicians, but we have all become involved to ensure our children now and in the future are represented with experience and passion. By working together, we can each leverage our experience and strength and our bandwidth in the Board’s volunteer capacity.

While the Board of Education is a partisan board, our platform is about doing what is best for our community; and our hope is that now we can move past parties to focus on what matters - our students.

Key issues we have heard include leadership churn, state of our facilities, lack of easy access to information, pushes of new curriculums without appropriate training or materials, enrollment forecasts and unfunded state mandates.

So, what is our platform? A few key points are listed below, and we will continue to build on our messaging over the next several weeks.

Communication & Transparency: we will push for policy or charter edits to include web conferencing for all meetings. This standard technology will allow those Board of Education members who cannot be present to dial in and communicate online, and parents or taxpayers to do the same. We will prioritize updated online information portals, ensuring all documentation, contracts and plans are easy to find. Our slate includes technology and business expertise to effectively lead this effort to completion.

Curriculum: we will work with the administration to ensure that homework policies, new curriculum updates, and state mandates are well considered before implementing and meet viable end points that our parents and teachers believe are right for Ridgefield. Our slate includes education expertise, advanced degrees and involved parents to effectively lead these updates and process improvements.

Enrollment: we will leverage our slate’s deep experience within the classroom and using data and analytics to utilize more contemporary methods to forecast enrollments and assist with refining transportation models. We will consider class size concerns and future facility usage needs. We want to ensure we are working with key stakeholders across extracurricular groups to ensure any decisions we make consider town-wide implications or unintended consequences.

We continue to build our platform by listening to constituents and hope you will join us for an upcoming meet and greet, or visit our Facebook page, Ridgefield Parents for a Better BoE (@ParentsforBetterBoE), to share your questions or ideas.

Thank you for your continued support!