GOP Viewpoint: Campaign nastiness

“Malignantly cruel, thoroughly corrupt, and catastrophically incompetent GOP officials at every level are racing to greater depths of depravity as the November election draws near, amping up their efforts to seize power by any means they can.”

Upon reading these words one may pause to question the source of this quote. Who is the author? Who is the target of the quote? Why such harsh language?

The quote comes from a recent fundraising email from the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee. One may wonder why would the DTC make such cruel and malicious statements, knowing that “GOP officials at every level” include the honest, hardworking, and conscientious Republican members of our local Ridgefield boards and committees.

Have they forgotten that we are neighbors before and after the campaign season? We worship together, laugh and cry together, celebrate life’s achievements, and mourn life’s losses. We are your children’s coaches, teachers, neighbors, and friends. We are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. Our children are classmates and friends; what kind of example is this for them? How do you explain and substantiate these hateful comments? Perhaps the DTC will consider making an apology to their neighbors across the aisle?

The campaign season is here, and the first salvo of insults has been launched. It is disappointing to see the tone of the DTC’s attack and the direction that the DTC intends to take its campaign this fall. Critical issues facing Ridgefield such as school regionalization, taxes, local control of land use, and community have taken a backseat to partisan mudslinging. That is not Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Republicans will continue to work with dignity and respect for all who call Ridgefield their home. The RTC vows to remain issues-oriented, to refrain from personal attacks, and to work with, and for, our community with the spirit that makes Ridgefield the jewel that it is. We have far more in common than that which divides us. Together we will forge a community respectful of those who came before us and worthy of our children’s future.

Greg Kabasakalian is a Republican serving on Ridgefield’s Board of Finance.