As I sit down to write this viewpoint, we are just over a week from Election Day and some of our National races, that will determine the balance of power in Washington, are still being contested. Meanwhile, at the local level, things did not go as we would have liked so I would like to congratulate my counterparts in the Democratic Town Committee for a spirited and hard-fought campaign.

As I reflect on this campaign season, I am encouraged by the new energy we now have in our Republican Town Committee. This newly formed Committee worked tirelessly in support of our candidates and established a platform upon which we will build for many years to come. I could not be prouder of what they did and am encouraged by their resiliency as they are already laser focused on what we need to do next. I cannot thank them enough for all their efforts. In addition to the Committee, there are so many others I need to thank.

To John Frey, thank you for 22 great years of service to our Town. You represented all of Ridgefield, regardless of party affiliation, with dignity and integrity. You will be missed.

To Bob Hebert, Kim Healy, Jonathan Riddle and Emile Buzaid, thank you for stepping up and dedicating your time and tireless efforts to try to make the differences you so passionately believed in.

To the many volunteers who stepped up to support us by staffing our headquarters, making phone calls, stuffing literature bags and just generally supporting our candidates, many thanks for all your efforts. In speaking with many of you I came to understand that this may have been your first time being involved in politics to this degree. I hope you are not discouraged by the outcome and I look forward to your continued support.

To our donors, thank you for supporting us financially. All we did would not have been possible without your support and your generosity and will allow us to continue our mission as we look towards future elections.

To the many individuals who just stopped by our headquarters to provide us with words of encouragement and support, many thanks. You cannot imagine how much that meant to the many volunteers to know their efforts were appreciated and that there were so many people behind us.

So as we now look towards a legislative body where Democrats hold an even bigger majority in Hartford, we will need to hold our local elected officials to their promises of ensuring we maintain local control over our schools and zoning. This is especially important since just days after the election Matt Ritter, the incoming state House Speaker, stated he plans to focus in on suburban zoning reform among other legislation. Take heart that we will not allow them to forget their promises.

As for the RTC, our focus now turns to November 2021 and the upcoming municipal elections. Stay tuned for more from your Republican Town Committee.

Michael Raduazzo

Chair - Republican Town Committee