Approximately 10,000 Americans are transitioning to retirement each day, thinking about retirement finances, where to live and how to spend time.

The good news is that retirement is likely to last about 20 years for the average person who retires at age 65, according to Forbes.

So, the decisions one makes for the beginning of retirement can be different from the ones made later in retirement. But one element remains constant for many people: friends and family. Social connections are one of the most important factors for emotional and physical health. Experts advise new retirees to factor in social opportunities and the ability to spend time with family when making decisions.

For example, if you want to live in a different area for a few months, research the social scene before you go. Does the residential community host social gatherings? Will you be able to connect with people that enjoy your favorite hobby? If you plan to stay put, reach out to groups that perhaps you haven’t had the time to join while working.

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