Fear mongering is candidate Riddle's tactic, says letter writer

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To the Editor:

The Ridgefield Republican Committee’s (RRC) latest GOP Viewpoint, authored by the Republican candidate Jonathan Riddle for Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District, smacks of the same old Trumpian fear rhetoric of “hell, fire, and damnation” if Democrat Jim Himes gets re-elected.

Mr. Riddle starts off by presenting his credentials, stating he graduated “from college with a degree in business with a concentration in finance, while playing Division I football”, and becoming “a financial advisor for high net worth families” (emphasis added). Very impressive. Does this mean he’ll represent football players and the wealthiest 1 percent in his district?

He states his goal is “to defeat the growing pervasive Leftist/Marxist ideology” of fellow Democrats of Mr. Himes. Really, pervasive Leftist/Marxist ideology? Does he mean the evils of Social Security and Medicare for all?

He also fears the outcome of an energy bill to cap U.S. petroleum production. Since the US is energy independent and over-produces petroleum, will a cap on production in favor of new cleaner energy sources, such as solar power, really cause excessive cost increases in our electric bills? Should we go back to coal energy?

And what’s so wrong with cost-limiting the production of petroleum-based plastic products, which, of course, are not biodegradable? Mr. Riddle is not worried about the affects of these nondegradable plastics on the Earth’s environment, nor of a 0.2oC (~0.5oF) increase in the Earth’s temperature. As Mr. Riddle wrote, we can’t believe the “climate experts”. Heck, what do these poor scientists know, they didn’t get a degree in finance.

Maybe on Nov. 3 we need to heed the words of FDR when he said “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance”.

P.A. Torzilli

Old Sib Road, Sept. 20