Endorsement letters: Marconi, Savino, and Kozlark receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

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Rudy deserves re-election

I am writing this letter to encourage voters in Ridgefield to re-elect Rudy Marconi this November. As a longtime resident who has interest in culture and the arts, I am glad to say that the Ridgefield Playhouse, The Prospector, ACT of CT and CHIRP all became possible for us under his tenure as first selectman. Rudy has been a proponent for these great facilities and my family has had the opportunity to enjoy attending events and shows at these venues. His vision has helped make Ridgefield a focal point in the region for Arts.

When I speak to friends in neighboring towns, they always refer to the great culture that is here. We need his vision and continued leadership. Vote for Ridgefield and for Rudy.

Maddie Blake

Farrar Lane

Katz uses the right approach

Ridgefield has been fortunate to have John Katz on the Planning and Zoning Commission. John provides a thoughtful environmentally sensitive approach to the application review process. His encyclopedic knowledge of state and local regulations tempers that approach into a reality of what is achievable.

John understands that you cannot just show up to a P&Z meeting. He does his homework, comes prepared, and ready to provide a careful review of every application.

I am voting for John Katz in November because if we want to maintain the beauty of our town, we need him on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Guy Bocchino

Great Hill Road

Rudy makes it happen

We were first introduced to Rudy following our move to Ridgefield almost 25 years ago. We quickly learned to admire and to leverage Rudy’s unique ability to direct his personal attention to initiatives that are in the best nonpartisan interests of the community.

Our interaction with Rudy lead to the construction of Sunrise Cottage, a group home for six developmentally disabled residents — an achievement that would not have been possible without the support generated by Rudy’s leadership. And Rudy’s notable social service contributions also include advancing the mission of Ability Beyond to provide homes and life-skills training for citizens with developmental disabilities, brain injuries, cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

However, it is not necessary to highlight Rudy’s visible role — it is quite evident to the community. We would rather emphasize our personal observations of Rudy’s generosity of spirit, much of which is totally behind-the-scenes.

Rudy is more than our first selectman — during his time off, on weekends and holidays, and even during his vacation time, Rudy is there as a genuine friend and problem-solver, whether it is for the disabled, or those citizens who are otherwise physically or economically disadvantaged.

We will enthusiastically vote for Rudy Marconi on Nov. 5 and encourage you to do the same.

John and Peggy Loehr

Main Street

A vote for Reynolds is a vote for stability

A vote for Tom Reynolds for police commissioner is a vote for stability, common sense, and progress for our Police Department. I was on the commission for 10 years with Tom Reynolds and I energetically endorse Tom Reynolds for police commissioner.

Our Police Department is direcly responsible to the Police Commission. The commission establishes policy and oversees and regulates all activities with regard to police interaction with our citizens.

That amounts to a large responsibility that affects each of us. We need a clear thinking, responsible individual who can tackle the complex issues that face Police Departments these days. Tom Reynolds was always a stabilizing, common sense voice in our deliberations. He, as chairman, spent many hours with our chiefs to insure that our regulations and policies respected the needs of our residents. We need Tom Reynolds on our Police Commission.

Carl Lecher

Retired police commissioner

Katz is dedicated

John Katz has been a dedicated member of the P and Z for many years and continues to make the future of Ridgefield his abiding concern.

We need his dedication, expertise and knowledge for the future of Ridgefield.

Jeanne M. Cook

Savino is good for Ridgefield

I am writing this letter to endorse Joe Savino for Board of Selectmen in Ridgefield’s upcoming election.

It is important for Ridgefield to have people on our boards who not only have the expertise for that particular board but also have a wide perspective for Ridgefield as a whole.

Joe has been resident of Ridgefield for 29 years and has served as an elected official for 16 years. He has served on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Police Commission, Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen. He has the broad perspective to make decisions based upon what is good for the town as a whole, not just one special interest group.

Ridgefield has changed — costs are higher, traffic is worse, building is continuing and resources are fewer. We need to make decisions based upon the current conditions and maybe not continue with what we have done in the past.

Joe Savino has firsthand experience with what was done in the past and will use that as a basis to look objectively for possible other options as we plan Ridgefield’s future.

Vote for Joe Savino for Board of Selectmen on Nov. 5

Sue Manning

Prospect Street

Reynolds has all the qualifications

I was previously on the Ridgefield Police Commission for over 14 years and served as its chairman on multiple occasions. I have firsthand knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of someone seeking the position of police commissioner.

I can think of no more qualified candidate than Tom Reynolds. He has all of the proper credentials, experience, temperament, intelligence and is very familiar with the inner workings of Ridgefield having both raised a family and run a successful business there.

It gives me great pleasure to join the long list of people endorsing Tom Reynolds for the Board of Police Commissioners.

Ray Hastings

Vote for Kozlark

Please vote to re-elect Maureen Kozlark for Board of Selectman. I am a longtime resident and have known Maureen for many years. I’ve seen the unwavering interest, dedication and passion she has for the Town of Ridgefield.

As a taxpayer and friend, any time I have engaged Maureen in discussing a hot button issue in the town, her responses have been knowledgeable, logical and respectful in offering the variety of opinions on the issue. I have found Maureen to be thoughtful and fair.

Vote for Maureen Kozlark. Let’s keep this caring, dedicated lady on the Board of Selectmen.

Nancy Cofone

Rudy put ‘The Ridge’ on the map

I have known Rudy Marconi for more than 30 years. It has always been obvious to me how much he loves Ridgefield.

As first selectman, Rudy has worked diligently with others to develop the charm of the town that attracts many to visit and/or make their new home. His efforts have helped to put Ridgefield on the map as a travel destination as well as an arts and music center. I applaud those efforts. Here is to continued success.

David Beebe

Main Street

Savino can solve Ridgefield’s problems

The State of Connecticut is in deep trouble which impacts Ridgefield. We need experienced leadership that can help minimize the damage that can be inflicted on us from Hartford. Joe Savino understands every aspect of town government and the issues impacting us.

We can do better, and Joe knows how. Please join with me in electing Joe Savino as a selectman.

Bill Wyman

Rockwell Road

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