Endorsement letters: Kozlark, Savino, and Ulmer receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

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Marconi is a bright light

We always hear that this election is particularly important. Well, it is. It is the next important casting of votes to which we are entitled and duty-bound. Our citizenship is a right demanding that we honor it — by behaving, by being kind, and by voting.

I will cast my ballot for Rudy Marconi. He’s a bright light in our Ridgefield. Bright in every sense. He’s a brilliant servant of our Ridgefield. He understands the issues. He knows our town. He has guided it to becoming a center for arts and culture —the Playhouse, the Prospector, A.C.T. of CT. and CHIRP have all materialized with his support and on his watch.

He speaks eloquently. He listens closely and sincerely and with compassion.

I am voting for Rudy because his experience, his intelligence, and his record are what we needed when he was first elected to office. His experience, intelligence and record are what we need now. And what we need for the years to come.

Give our Ridgefield the gift of good, effective, wise government. Give Rudy Marconi your vote on Nov. 5. I am giving him my vote.

Ira Joe Fisher

Eleven Levels Road

Ulmer and Ogden for BOF

Ridgefield is revered for its excellent and continually improving financial condition, high quality schools and public services/institutions, and affordability compared to similar towns. These distinctly favorable attributes did not occur by happenstance, but instead resulted from the vision, expertise, and prudence of key local elected Democrats. Since first gaining a majority in 2011, Chair Dave Ulmer and his fellow Democrats on the Board of Finance have delivered years of fiscal stability and increasing financial strength, enhancing Ridgefielders’ quality of life and standard of living while mitigating their cost of living. Ridgefield’s ability to maintain and enhance its strengths and mitigate its shortcomings depends upon its fiscal health. For these reasons, it is essential that Ridgefielders reelect Dave Ulmer to the Board of Finance and elect highly-accomplished financial professional Karen Ogden to further deepen bench strength on that essential board.

Arnold DiLaura

Barry Avenue

Vote for Savino

I have had the pleasure to work with Joe on a few key issues affecting our town over the past year. When the state proposed regionalizing our schools, Joe immediately stepped forward to help rally Ridgefield to create awareness and fight that ill-conceived program and protect our schools. When tolls were once again proposed by the state legislators, Joe took an active and vocal stance against them, knowing they result in higher costs for Ridgefield families and bring more pass through traffic in our beautiful town.

Now, Joe is on the ballot in an effort to continue to protect and improve Ridgefield. I look forward to working closely with the Board of Selectmen to continue to invest effectively in Ridgefield schools; our crown jewels. It is critical that our boards work together for our town, and I look forward to working with Joe Savino, a strong advocate for Ridgefield taxpayers and students.

Vote for Joe on Nov. 5.

Elizabeth Floegel

West Mountain Road

Kozlark has my vote

I have see Maureen in action for many years first as a member of our board of education and more recently as a selectwoman.

Our economic engine in Ridgefield is our schools. What better background to have for our selectman than knowing how our schools function from the inside out?

Maureen gets a complete understanding on every issue because she does her homework and looks beyond party affiliation — a refreshing attitude and approach in today’s political environment.

Maureen has my vote.

Robert Miller

Acre Lane

Savino is a proven decision maker

Election Day is quickly approaching. Ridgefield residents will head to the polls to choose our municipal leaders. Municipal government makes decisions that affect our daily lives, such as school funding, zoning and health regulations, public safety, storm response, road paving and snow removal. I believe it is important to elect candidates who have the background and commitment to tackle these issues from day one. That is why I am wholeheartedly supporting Joe Savino for Board of Selectmen.

Joe is a long-term Ridgefield resident, having raised his family here. Joe has many years of diverse municipal experience including service on the Board of Selectmen, Planning and Zoning, Board of Finance and currently on the Police Commission. Experience like that will allow Joe to be a strong leader on public safety and development issues on the board and it shows his dedication to the town he loves.

On a personal level, I have known Joe for nearly 25 years. There are very few people as dedicated to Ridgefield as Joe Savino. Please join me in voting for Joe, Bob Hebert and Maureen Kozlark.

John Frey

Wilton Road West

Support for Galanski

Stan Galanski is a highly qualified candidate and the clear choice for the Board of Assessment Appeals. Given Stan’s extensive background in the property and casualty insurance industry (40 years!), he understands property valuation. In his previous career (president of The Navigators Group), Stan created 200 new jobs in CT during a four-year period, and has a reputation for integrity, honesty, and fairness. I’ve known Stan and his family for over 15 years, and am impressed with his energy, enthusiasm and dedication for all things Ridgefield. Vote Line A for Stan Galanski, Board of Assessment Appeals. We all win when you vote for Stan.

Amanda Cordano

Florida Hill Road

Reelect McGeehin, Ulmer

I strongly support the re-election Molly McGeehin for town treasurer and Dave Ulmer for Board of Finance, because results matter.

Since Molly was elected in 2015, she has brought true professionalism to the position, with her background as a CPA who holds an MBA in finance and a B.S. in accounting. The changes she has implemented have generated an $850,000 revenue surplus for the fiscal year ended June 30.

Dave Ulmer was first elected to the Board of Finance in 2003 and has served as Chairman since 2011. His 30-year career as an executive in the airline industry, his experience in managing the town budget, and his sensible, reasonable approach to the budgeting and fiscal matters of our town have served us extremely well.

Please join me — regardless of party affiliation — in supporting these two excellent candidates with proven track records in fiscal responsibility, knowledge and professionalism.

Ellen Burns

Great Hill Road

Vote ‘Row A’ on Nov. 5

Our BOE members must be rationale, compassionate and skilled leaders. Jonathan Steckler’s continued quiet confidence on the BOE is needed. He has advanced smart, thoughtful ideas to keep our school system on a steady course, like an annual demographic analysis that includes facilities allocation. Steckler asks the right questions: with declining enrollment, what is the best way to plan so students get the best curriculum, enrichment, and support?

Ken Sjoberg is Steckler’s running mate. Our budget is almost $100 million. As a CPA, Ken Sjoberg’s skills are vital to getting kids the education they deserve at a fair budget. Sjoberg knows how to do the deep analysis and budget tracking necessary to accomplish these goals. A father of three, aged toddler to high school grad, Ken understands the full scope of educational needs.

Vote for Jonathan Steckler and Ken Sjoberg for BOE on Row A on Nov. 5.

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road

Reynolds for Police Commission

We have known Tom Reynolds for over 40 years, during which he has been both friend and business adviser. We have firsthand knowledge of how he approaches a problem and resolves issues. We know no one better suited for the position of police commissioner than Tom.

Tom is ethical, caring, straight forward and passionate about our town. During his tenure on the commission, both as member and chairman, his calm demeanor and talent for listening has allowed him to make common sense decisions that keep us safe and are in the best interest of Ridgefield.

Tom, a devoted family man, understands and cares about all our residents and we strongly urge you to join us in voting for him on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Diana Gerry Ward

Comstock Court

Katz does his homework

Words matter and experience counts — if not in Washington, certainly here in Ridgefield.

John Katz, the most articulate member of P&Z for decades, is judicious with his words and carefully listens to those of the applicants and the public. He brings a wealth of experience to the position having served on P&Z for as long as most residents can remember.

Return John Katz to the P&Z for a solid member who does his homework and remembers that words matter.

Darwin Ellis

Great Hill Road

Savino is what this town needs

Joe Savino is a true leader in our community. I have known him for many years and know his experience in town government, 16 years, gives him an ability to address the many issues facing our community. The Board of Selectmen requires the ability to tackle issues, many difficult issues using his extensive government experience. His integrity is beyond reproach and his firsthand experience is something our town can’t be without.

I urge all Ridgefielders to cast your vote for a true treasure — Joe Savino for selectman.

Dorothy McNicholas

Old Washington Road