Endorsement letters: Katz, Kozlark, and Savino receive support

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

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Savino works with other town boards

Joe Savino is a 29-year resident of Ridgefield who has served on Planning and Zoning, Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and currently the Police Commission.

Joe is comfortable working collaboratively with other town boards and town residents to help improve Ridgefield. As the father of two daughters who graduated from Ridgefield schools, he understands how important excellent schools are to our children’s future and our property values. Joe will ensure we properly maintain our school buildings and lead the fight on any efforts to regionalize our schools.

Please join me in supporting Joe for the Board of Selectmen.

James Keidel

Ridgefield Board of Education

Vote for Katz

I am a longtime resident of Ridgefield and, like many, have seen the effects of growth on our town. Laws like 830-g have made planned growth more difficult. John Katz has worked diligently within the constraints of the law to keep our town the great community it is. I ask your support for him as he stands for re-election to P&Z.

John F. Metzger

Colonial Lane

Steckler deserves reelection

Jonathan Steckler has extensive knowledge, natural compassion and an even temperament — vital qualities for a member of the Board of Education. Having known him and his family for almost 10 years, I have seen him in many neighborhood interactions with groups and individuals with diverse backgrounds and opinions. He has always been thoughtful, respectful and open to the type of dialog that brings about mutual understanding. These are exactly the qualities we need in our board members. His work on the board over the past two years proves he deserves to continue to serve the students and community of Ridgefield.

Jennifer DiLaura

First Lane

Katz for P&Z

I have known John Katz as a friend, landlord, ROAR champion, president of the Ridgefield Youth Services Board, and long-serving member of the Planning and Zoning Commission. John is thoughtful, knowledgeable, fair and hard-working (as well as quite funny). His devotion to the well-being of Ridgefield is steadfast, and I firmly believe he has been instrumental in keeping this town special.

I rarely see things in black and white, but this one’s clear: John Katz for P&Z.

Melissa Glen

Bridle Trail

Kozlark serves

town well

Maureen Kozlark is the ideal public servant: dedicated, pragmatic, and compassionate. She has been an active community leader for decades, first as a tireless advocate on the Board of Education, then as a steward of our town's rich heritage on the Board of Selectmen. Maureen brings a solution-oriented approach to every issue she faces — from the environmental impact the salt on our roads has on our wetlands to her support for Ridgefield's cultural centers. With Maureen reviewing the budget each year, we can be confident that every dollar is being spent effectively and responsibly. More important than any one issue is the character that Maureen brings to the Board. Maureen is a devoted wife and mother, a dear friend, and a proud member of our community. She is exactly the person I want making the decisions that affect our town. Join me in voting for Maureen on Nov. 5.

Jeanne R. Manto

Silver Spring Lane

Rudy has produced positive results

Ridgefield has a one of a kind, effective and dedicated first selectman in Rudy Marconi. Rudy is the steward and visionary leader of our economic progress, real estate values, financial health, open space, small town character, social services and arts. He is a tireless advocate for our schools. He brought together state/federal grants for open space, the improvements on Route 7 and Branchville (in progress right now!) as well as the Rec Center, Founders Hall and our school’s infrastructure. It’s Rudy who works tirelessly to keep Ridgefield CT’s No. 1 town. The positive results are evident to all.

In 2020, there are more challenges ahead for our families, our country and our town. Rudy is the only one who can be trusted to lead us in a positive and proactive manner.

Re-elect Rudy Marconi first selectman on Nov. 5. Vote for him and the team on Row A.

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road

Ridgefield needs Katz

John Katz has been a long-term and extremely valuable member of the Ridgefield Planning and Zoning Commission. His viewpoint is to protect the town from unreasonable growth but at the same time to be fair to the applicants. His emphasis has always been the entrances into town and the downtown area, which are the most visible to everyone. John has done a good job looking at the total picture as well.

We need that historic viewpoint on this commission to learn what works and what doesn’t and also to learn from our mistakes.

Join me in voting for John Katz for another term on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Sue Manning

Prospect Street