Endorsement letters: Kain, Marconi, and Moccia receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.
Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.Stock image

Marconi is the real deal

Having lived in Ridgefield 20+ years, we have witnessed Rudy in a multitude of scenarios, and in each one his love for, and dedication to, Ridgefield is evident. When the Bissell fire broke out, there was Rudy, in the middle of night, in his suit, coordinating the relief efforts. When we moved here, there was no Playhouse, no CHIRP, no Rec Center, no ACT, no Prospector, no Founders Hall, etc.

Under Rudy’s steady leadership, this town has flourished and become the AAA bond rated, arts and culture center it is today. Rudy has the vision to keep Ridgefield the town we are proud to call home — a vision that includes revitalizing Branchville, proposing an alternative to limit the impact of 8-30g, and protecting/adding open space. Rudy is this town, and his leadership is respected throughout the state.

He’s the real deal. Vote Rudy — for the love of Ridgefield.

Amanda Cordano

Fresh air to stifled Town Hall

Disgruntled Ridgefield voters, fed up with Town Hall’s alibis and stalling tactics, are ready for the fresh approach offered by Dick Moccia, Republican nominee for first selectman.

While the 20-year administration of Rudy Marconi has been, like old furniture, gathering dust, Mr. Moccia was elected mayor of Norwalk for four consecutive terms and the city gained laurels for its handling of far greater pressures.

Mr. Moccia has been active in the Conference of Connecticut Municipalities and had used his office and influence there to successfully lobby for state road, traffic and waterfront projects. Mr. Marconi also has been active in that group as an advocate for tolls.

Waste water disposal was also a problem in Norwalk, probably more so than here because of its Long Island Sound frontage. Residents there were never confronted with a 61 percent increase in sewer fees and charges were based on usage. Advance planning there avoided popular discontent. In Ridgefield, it was met typically by the first selectman’s promise that “we’ll look into it.”

The contrast is just an example of what should make everybody vote for Mr. Moccia and the entire Republican line Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Margaret Taylor

We can count on Rudy

We can count on Rudy Marconi not only as a long-time friend, but as a leader who has helped Ridgefield have excellent schools for our children, allowed our town to maintain an underdeveloped open space, helped promote the arts and kept our town safest in Connecticut.

Rudy is honest, shows compassion, has integrity, confidence and flexibility. All qualities that make a good town leader. On a personal note, Rudy has devoted many years supporting Ridgefield Sunrise Cottage - a home in Ridgefield for the developmentally disabled.

A home that I have been a board member of for over 13 years and know how much time he has contributed to their success. The Cottage, an organization that defines inclusivity, to be welcoming to all kinds of people. That's Rudy! And that's why we will vote for Rudy Marconi again in November.

Barb and Jim Tully

Wilton Road East

Reynolds is selfless

I am writing in support of Tom Reynolds, candidate for Police Commission. I have known Tom for 4 years as fellow Board members of RVNA Health. During this time, I have been impressed by his unparalleled energy and his longstanding commitment to Ridgefield.

Tom is a successful businessman, having co-founded Reynolds & Rowella 34 years ago. Tom has donated time to many local charities, including RVNA, Meals on Wheels and the Chamber of Commerce. He has also played important roles in the capital campaigns of the Library, the Boys and Girls Club and RVNA Health.

Tom has served on the Police Commission for 10 years, and is well versed with law enforcement and integrating needs of the Town with the needs of our officers. Through all of these activities, Tom has gained a unique perspective regarding our Town. His energy, commitment and expertise will serve us well as Police Commissioner.

Valerie van Beek

West Lane

Kain for Police Commissioner

I urge you to re-elect for George Kain for Police Commissioner. In the many years that I have worked as a colleague with George as a professor of criminal justice at Western CT State University, I have found him to be thoughtful, caring and professional. He is the Chairman of the Division of Justice and Law Administration and has a 36-year career working in law enforcement. As a retired Major Crimes Investigator with the NY State Police, I know how important it is to have an informed law enforcement professional in charge of a police department. As the current chairman of the police commission, George is a trusted and valued colleague and has made a tremendous contribution to the Town of Ridgefield for the last 20 years. Please continue the trusted leadership that George brings to the commission.

Terrence Dwyer

Reynolds for Police Commissioner

What qualities do you look for when selecting the candidate that will represent you in office? Honesty and integrity? Enthusiasm and dedication to the position being held? Extensive knowledge of the issues at hand and experience in getting results? An individual passionate about community involvement and making their town the best it can be? If, all of the above, is your answer, then Tom Reynolds is your candidate for Police Commission.

Some highlights of Tom’s service to the community: Ten years service on the Police Commission including two terms as Chairman, Member of the Ridgefield Economic Development Committee, Board member of RVNA, and past Board member of Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce.

Tom and his wife Susan have lived in Ridgefield for over 40 years.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, I urge you to cast your ballot for Tom Reynolds for Police Commission.

George Bossis

Old Wagon Road

Keep Rudy at the helm

I’ve been a proud resident for 28 years and am constantly amazed at how well preserved Ridgefield is. The beauty of the town is unparalleled. I love Main Street and the stretch to the fountain, which is exactly how I first looked at it in 1991: houses set back with beautiful green landscapes, a gorgeous Lounsbury House and a bubbly fountain giving a sparkling welcome to all those who arrive.

My kids received an excellent education here and thanks to the bundle, enjoyed facilities that matched the talent of the educators and curriculum.

I’ve been deeply involved in the arts, and am grateful for the incredible options we have here. Rudy Marconi should be celebrated for his leadership and ability to work in a bipartisan fashion across issues. Ridgefield remains vital and strong, and Rudy’s level-headed, collaborative leadership style is one I truly appreciate. We are lucky to have him at the helm.

Betsy Brand

Reynolds is the ideal candidate

I would like to thank my supporters for voting for me and allowing me to serve 24+ years on the Police Commission. It was an honor to serve you! I am writing to ask all my past supporters to vote for Tom Reynolds for the Police Commission.

I was honored to have Tom chosen by the Police Commission to fill my vacancy when I retired. Tom served with me previously and he gets it! He knows our town, has served on numerous directorships and committees and is dedicated to maintaining Ridgefield as a No. 1 Police Department in the State of Connecticut. He is a true professional and possesses all the qualities and balance to serve as a top rate Police Commissioner. He was a great asset to us in his prior years and I know he is eager to contribute again.

Vote Tom Reynolds for Police Commissioner.

Charlie Knoche

The first selectman is gentleman

I have served with Rudy Marconi on the BOS for 20 years and run again because of him.

For years, I have witnessed him in action both at bbard meetings and social events. Occasionally at board meetings I have disagreed with him quite strenuously. Never once has he behaved in other than a truly professional manner with me or anyone else before the board. Never once has he held it against me for maintaining a contrary position. And never once has he deviated from the highest ethical standards or been discourteous to anyone.

He is a gentleman with a sincere concern for every resident, a good sense of humor and compassion for all. He listens patiently, with respect, to townspeople’s concerns and works hard to find solutions to problems. He encourages residents to move forward with good ideas. He is available 24/7. There is no finer leader. Re-elect him.

Barbara Manners