Endorsement letters: Kabasakalian, McGeehin, and Sjoberg receive support

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

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Savino will advocate for seniors

Joe Savino will be Ridgefield’s seniors’ best advocate on the Board of Selectmen. Seniors need solid, informed and sensitive support to avoid being priced out of town. Joe knows how seniors, over decades of volunteerism, have made Ridgefield become the town it is today. Joe knows how punishing ever-increasing taxes are on fixed-income seniors. Joe has some great ideas and will work hard to help seniors afford to stay in town. Let his voice be heard.

Democrats, please split your ticket for this important issue! Let’s all keep seniors in Ridgefield, where they belong ... and want to stay.

Peggy Thomas

Dowling Drive

Rudy is open to new ideas

I am writing this letter in support of Rudy Marconi for first selectman. I have know Rudy for over 25 years, and professionally for the last 20 years in my capacity as police commissioner in Ridgefield. Rudy has done a wonderful job in keeping Ridgefield’s needs his main concern, and has always worked well with colleagues on both sides of the aisle. He is open to new ideas while maintaining his core values to keep Ridgefield as the most desired and safest town in Connecticut. A vote for Rudy is a vote for Ridgefield. Please join me in supporting Rudy for first selectman on Nov. 5.

George Kain

Windy Ridge

Ridgefield is family for Hebert

I want to take a moment to give the you real, behind-the-scenes look at my husband Bob Hebert who is running for re-election to the Board of Selectmen. The man that I know at home is someone whose priorities focus on the job at hand. Every year he goes to California to send our grandsons off on the first day of school, but this year he flew back to Boston to be at our daughter’s side during her early morning surgery. And just after that, he drove my son and his family to Bradley where he bid goodbye to our son for his ninth deployment to the Middle East just because he was needed to support his family during this difficult goodbye.

Why do I tell this personal story? My husband, as a current selectmen, focuses and prioritizes his efforts for Ridgefileld just like he does with his family. It is not unusual for him to take time out of his day to query the parties involved to make his decision about town issues not based on his politics but on what is best for the town of Ridgefield. Similarly he did this when he successfully lead the Housing Authority through some very difficult challenges. I hope you will consider a vote for his re-election as his vision and integrity and ability to put politics aside is a vote for our town.

Jan Hebert

Prospect Street

Kabasakalian has great leadership skills

Vote for Colette Kabasakalian.

Colette’s passion for the betterment of Ridgefield is proven through her involvement in the community. I have worked with Colette in the Realtor community for over 10 years. We sat on several boards and I have seen her commitment to this community firsthand. Whether organizing an annual food drive for the Ridgefield social services, or ringing bells for the Salvation Army, Colette shows up when needed. Her leadership in both corporate and local organizations shows her ability and passion to thrive in this role. I strongly recommend Colette Kabasakalian for the position of town treasurer.

Jefferson Guthrie

Prospect Street

McGeehin has produced as treasurer

Molly McGeehin deserves to be re-elected to the office of Ridgefield town treasurer.

Her work ethic, professional knowledge and financial expertise have contributed to the fact that Ridgefield taxpayers now stand to benefit from an enormous revenue surplus.

Her excellent reputation as past financial director at the Ridgefield Library and her commitment to non-partisan communication with Ridgefield town boards, the RPS Business Office and town Finance Department demonstrate her commitment to do what is not only good for Ridgefield, but what is right for Ridgefield.

This is underscored by that fact that she has professionalized and safeguarded Ridgefield’s financial position by implementing best practices in the areas of governance and standardized operating procedures.

Molly is thoughtful, careful and deliberate. Steady decision-making is what Ridgefield needs for the future. Vote for Molly McGeehin for town treasurer on Nov. 5.

Temi Bova

Millers Lane

Sjoberg advocates for all

Ken Sjoberg is a class act who should be on our Ridgefield Board of Education. You will not see Ken dramatically fighting with his neighbors on social media. You will see him bring his expertise as a CPA and fraud risk manager to improve budget oversight and transparency. Ken is married to a teacher, which gives him a unique perspective on how our teachers should be supported.

He a father of three children across the developmental spectrum, so he knows what challenges educators and students face daily without evidence-based best practices in every classroom. He is committed to supporting all stakeholders by advocating for efficient spending using best practices. Ken has it all: professional experience, empathy and integrity. Please join me in voting for Ken Sjoberg on Nov. 5!

Carina Borgia Drake

Bayberry Hill Road

McGeehin is dedicated

Molly McGeehin is a dedicated public servant to the Town of Ridgefield. She exhibits personal authenticity and fiscal accountability each and every day. I look up to Molly who spends her time rolling up her sleeves and building bridges.

In 2015, Molly campaigned on creating a more efficient, fiscally responsible, and transparent town government. Since being elected, Molly has delivered on that platform and has ensured that Ridgefield’s financial assets are properly managed.

An experienced financial professional with both private and public sector experience, Molly has served the Ridgefield community with a steady hand and a big heart for the past four years.

Let’s make sure she has an opportunity to continue that good work for another four years.

I encourage Ridgefield residents to re-elect Molly McGeehin for town treasurer on Nov. 5 — a responsible and effective steward of Ridgefield’s tax dollars.

Will Haskell

Connecticut State Senator

Nneji thinks critically

I urge you to vote for Ben Nneji for Planning & Zoning.

He is a Columbia University alumni, a critical thinker as exemplified with his Ph.D. in industrial engineering, and is not a developer, which unfortunately the Planning and Zoning Commission has a plethora.

Ben Nneji has been a resident of Ridgefield for over 20 years, led teams in AT&T, GE and Omnicom Group, has great analytical skills, and is running to improve our processes around improving P&Z’s transparency, listening and meeting residents’ needs.

Ben Nneji would be a great addition to our P&Z Commission.

Please consider him.

Joseph Heyman

Ketcham Road