Endorsement letters: Kabasakalian, Katz and Kozlark receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

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Caporale is devoted

Issy Caporale is perfectly suited for the role of police commissioner in Ridgefield. Issy has devoted her life to our Ridgefield community and to this country.

A decorated member of the Coast Guard for 22 years and a caring and dedicated dispatcher at the Ridgefield Police Department for 11 years, Issy is honest, honorable, and committed. She knows the community better than most, having grown up here, worked here, and continues to referee countless youth sports, including field hockey, lacrosse, and basketball.

Please vote for Issy Caporale for police commissioner.

Amanda Bergen Peressutti

Vote for Kabasakalian

A college degree in economics and decades of business experience are impressive credentials for a candidate for town treasurer.

Colette Kabasakalian offers that and more — her vision of the town treasurer as “guardian of the people’s checkbook.”

That attitude encompasses the integrity and transparency that she pledges in providing timely and accurate financial data to officials and the public. She also assures voters that she would invest town funds conservatively after consulting financial experts.

Colette comes to the role with experience in inventory control and tending to financial records in the business world after getting her degree from SUNY Oneonta.

For the past 20 years, she has been a member of the Ridgefield Board of Realtors, including the past two as a director. She also is active in the Ridgefield Guild of Artists and Something Good in the World, Inc.

Support of the voters on Nov. 5 will make this natural fit — Colette and the town treasurer’s office — a reality.

Ed Chrostowski

Carpenter Close

McGeehin has delivered

Molly McGeehin, the incumbent treasurer of Ridgefield, elevated the treasurer’s job from that of a “minder” to a proactive, growth-oriented position that partners with all of our town’s most important financial boards and professionals. She’s delivered great ROI, professional skills and management experience to Ridgefield. Our money is not only safe with Molly, she’s made it grow. Engaged and committed not only to our funds but also to numerous local nonprofits as well as environmental efforts, Molly’s work is exemplary and her commitment to Ridgefield unwavering.

Re-elect Molly McGeehin as treasurer on Nov. 5. Vote for her on Row A.

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road

Kozlark listens

I am writing in support of the Board of Selectmen campaign of Maureen Kozlark.

Whether as a PTA president, a Board of Education representative, or a Ridgefield selectman; Maureen has always been a good listener and a tireless representative of the best interests of the Ridgefield community.

I have found her to be a person of high integrity and interested in understanding all the facts and points of view on any important issue facing our community.

I appreciate her prior service to our town and look forward to her continued representation.

I encourage everyone to exercise your responsibility and right to vote.

Melissa Buckwalter

Issy’s commitment is unparalleled

We are pleased to support Issy Caporale for Ridgefield police commissioner. From our initial introduction as a staff member at Ridgefield Boys & Girls Club, Issy has displayed unparalleled commitment to the community — especially to the youth of our town. She continues to display leadership through her involvement in youth sports as a referee for many high school and town sports teams.

We feel that her time at Ridgefield Police Department as police dispatcher and her decorated career with the United States Coast Guard giver her the unique ability to support our Police Department as commissioner in an experienced manner. We are certain Issy Caporale will faithfully and honestly support the interests of the Police Department and residents of Ridgefield.

Nancy Westington

Michele Barricelli

Reynolds has immersed himself in town

I am pleased to endorse Tom Reynolds to continue to serve as a police commissioner. I met Tom on the first day he moved to Ridgefield 43 years ago and have maintained a personal and professional relationship with him since. Almost immediately Tom became immersed in our town by serving on various boards and commissions and he continues his service to this day.

Tom’s knowledge, experience and calm demeanor are an asset to any organization he is involved with. One of the benefits of living in Ridgefield is that it is a very safe place to live and raise a family.

This is due in no small part to our fine police department and the work of the Police Commission. Tom has served on the commission for 10 years, including a stint as its chair. He has earned our trust and deserves our vote.

Judge Joe Egan (Ret.)

High Ridge Avenue

Rudy’s leadership is unmatched

Over the last 24 years, I have had the absolute pleasure of getting to know Rudy on a professional and personal level. I always come away wondering how one person can be so incredibly dedicated to a town and its residents, day-in and day-out. Born and raised here, Rudy quite simply is Ridgefield. Try walking beside him on Main Street and witness him greeting everyone by first name. From early morning meetings to late nights in town hall, Rudy is “all-in.” He is dedicated to our past and thoughtful about our future. Always willing to work with our elected officials, no matter the party or opinion, he truly wants what’s best for our town.

Yes, Ridgefield has seen changes over the years, which can only be expected. With that said, take just a moment to reflect on what we have, thanks to Rudy’s leadership: top tier school system, ranking as one of the safest towns in the country, its reputation for responsible financial management, the arts, open space, warmth and charm.

If you were investing in a community with those qualities, would you change its CEO? I hope not.

Jeff Butchen

Branchville Road

Re-elect John Katz

I have had the honor of working with John Katz on various committees for many years. We served on the Ridgefield Youth Commission, of which he was a member for 24 years; on the Ridgefield Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse, of which he has been a member for the past 14 years; and on the Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau, of which he is a co-founder and has been a leader for the past 35 years. John’s commitment and experience on the Planning and Zoning Commission is another example of a job well done. John has always been straight forward and honest, and his approach is admirable. His dedication to the Ridgefield community and the families and young people in town has been unwavering.

Please join me in voting for experience, common sense and integrity, vote for John Katz.

Denise Qualey

Wilton Road West