Endorsement letters: Hebert, Reynolds and Savino receive support

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

Endorsement letters received after Monday, Oct. 21, will be run as online-only due to a surplus of letters this election season. They can be emailed to news@theridgefieldpress.com and must be less than 150 words.

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Support for Savino

I strongly support Joe Savino, whom I’ve known for several years, for Board of Selectmen. Since 1992, Joe has been active in the community, serving on various town and nonprofit boards. He is dedicated to service, and he’s also had decades of experience in the private sector. Joe will protect Ridgefield’s neighborhoods and will fight against Hartford Democrats’ plans for tolls and school regionalization. I urge everyone to vote for Joe Savino for Selectman.

George Regnery

West Mountain Road

Steckler, Sjoberg for school board

I’m voting for Jonathan Steckler and Ken Sjoberg for the Ridgefield Board of Education. They are the “no-drama” candidates who have their priorities straight: BOE incumbent Steckler is a planning professional with a Yale B.A. and a culinary degree, so he has the balanced perspective to support our students in choosing individual pathways. Additionally, his current service on the board will be essential to a maintaining an effective BOE during the transition to a new board and new superintendent. Sjoberg is a CPA and fraud risk management professional who “follows the money” for a living. His skills are needed for the development and oversight of our nearly $100 million school budget. Both Steckler and Sjoberg are fathers of RPS students, ranging from toddler to RHS graduate, so they have vision and perspective to take care of all our children. Join me in supporting Steckler and Sjoberg for BOE on Nov. 5.

Colleen Broderick

Mimosa Court

Reynolds shines with integrity, honesty

Please vote for Tom Reynolds to rejoin the Police Commission. I have had the honor and privilege of knowing and working with Tom Reynolds for over 25 years. I have witnessed daily, Tom’s values of integrity and honesty together with his incredible work ethic and leadership abilities.

Tom loves Ridgefield and has served countless hours with local community, civic and not-for-profit groups in many different endeavors to improve and maintain the incredible quality of life that we have in town. He is well qualified to serve on the Police Commission due to his previous tenure and his outstanding personal qualities.

For those of you that value integrity, honesty, hard work and a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, Tom Reynolds should be your choice for Police Commission.

Please join me in voting for Tom so he can continue his outstanding public service to the Town of Ridgefield.

Steve Risbridger, C.P.A

Catoonah Street

Ridgefield needs Savino’s experience

As the previous state senator for Ridgefield who has also served on town boards, I have worked with great local board members. These individuals play a vital role in our community. They work hard and take precious time away from their jobs and family. But it is work that must be done to keep our system of government functioning.

There are many terrific candidates on both sides of the aisle running for office, but it is vital that voters choose those who would best serve their needs locally.

Joe Savino has lived in Ridgefield for nearly 30 years, has served on the Board of Selectmen, Police Commission, Board of Finance and P&Z. Ridgefield needs Joe’s experience and ability to immediately contribute. He cares and is committed to protecting Ridgefield’s neighborhoods, schools, seniors and businesses. Joe will defend them from policies proposed by Hartford that could threaten the town’s local governance. Joe has earned your vote.

Toni Boucher


Hebert works tirelessly

Bob Hebert is asking for four more years to serve our wonderful community on the Board of Selectmen. In the 20-plus years that I have known Bob, I have always found him to be honest, pragmatic, and very committed to the ideals that he holds close to his heart — God, family, community, country. As a public servant, Bob has worked tirelessly for Ridgefielders, as we face the challenge of preserving the charm of our small town while supporting a forward-thinking agenda. Bob has a long-term vision that will ensure that Ridgefield leadership plans for the future and utilizes our assets to the fullest. Please join me in voting for Bob Hebert on Nov. 5.

Cynthia Flood

25 Pierrepont Drive

Rudy has proven record

I do not believe partisan politics should be a factor in local elections, rather it should be the best candidate with a proven track record. As such I am asking for your support for Rudy Marconi’s bid for re-election as first selectman. With vision and determined focus Rudy has led Ridgefield through the recent economic ups and downs, keeping it one of the most desirable towns to live in in Connecticut. We are lucky to have him.

Chuck Hancock

North Street

Savino is committed

I have known Joe for many years. He is a devoted husband, great father and a talented businessman. He has raised two great kids in our town and wants to keep it great for your kids. He has served Ridgefield in many capacities over the years. He is committed to the future of our fine town. Vote for Joe Savino this November.

Vito Ciaravino

Wilton Road East

Reynolds deserves reelection

We have known Tom Reynolds both personally and (for Frank) as a business partner for 35 years. His integrity and service to the community are just two of the many fine qualities Tom brought to the firm and helped instill in its daily practices. He continues to live those values every day.

As long as we have known Tom, he has been very involved in nonprofit organizations and charities (too numerous to list in this limited space), but we can say that one of those many volunteer efforts included driving Santa to the town tree lighting!

Professional, Tom has served on many board (again, more than there is space to list), including being the chairman of the state Board of Accountancy for many years. The board’s main objective is to oversee the licensing and integrity of the accounting profession in Connecticut. In addition, Tom’s prior experience as a police commissioner gives him the unique understanding of what issues are facing the commission, and the knowledge to get things done.

Tom is a valued friend, business partner, neighbor, and longtime Ridgefield resident. He has worked tirelessly to help make our beautiful town an even better place to live. We are proud to endorse Tom for police commissioner.

Frank and Jeanne Rowella

North Street