Endorsement letters: Connelly, Reynolds, and Steckler receive support

Endorsement letters submitted after Monday, Oct. 21, will run online-only. Email them to news@theridgefieldpress.com.

Endorsement letters submitted after Monday, Oct. 21, will run online-only. Email them to news@theridgefieldpress.com.

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Support for Reynolds

I am writing in support of Tom Reynold’s campaign for reelection to the Police Commission. Tom has served the townspeople of Ridgefield well for decades both as a local accountant/businessman and as a volunteer on numerous boards and commissions.

Most recently, Tom has shown the drive, dedication and compassion necessary to be an effective member of the Police Commission. Having served with Tom and watched him perform on committees and boards in the past and as a former Police Commission member myself, I know you would be hard pressed to find a better candidate than Tom Reynolds. Vote for Tom on Nov. 5!

Christopher Leonard

Mallory Hill Road

Rudy brings people together

As a resident of Ridgefield for almost two decades, I want to offer a wholehearted endorsement for Rudy Marconi. Rudy’s style of leadership brings together sound fiscal management, common sense, kindness and compassion. In everything he does, Rudy demonstrates how deeply he cares about Ridgefield and all of its residents. I am particularly grateful to Rudy for his support of education, the environment, law enforcement, and our many local cultural institutions. His dedication to ensuring a high quality of life in our cherished hometown has earned him our ongoing support.

Suzie Scanlon Rabinowitz

Lynch Brook Lane

Reynolds, a passion

for Ridgefield

I look forward to casting my vote for Tom Reynolds for police commissioner this November. I strongly encourage all of you to do the same. I am a registered Democrat, but at the town level our vote should be cast solely on the personal attributes and commitment to the town of the individual candidate. I have known Tom for over 30 years, and have watched him build a very successful business. I have leaned on his wisdom and counsel as we have pursued a common interest in improving the lives of children. He has extensive experience on the Police Commission, and he brings a thoughtful management style and a passion for the well being of Ridgefield to the table. Vote for Tom Reynolds on Nov. 5.

Bruce Ritter

Peaceable Street

Steckler sees

the big picture

I’m voting for my colleague on the BOE, Jonathan Steckler. His diverse background makes him an informed voice at the table. As a professional strategic planner, he sees the big picture and brings these skills to his job at chair of the BOE’s Strategic Planning Committee.

As a graduate of Yale, he understands the value of student achievement. Mr. Steckler is also a culinary school graduate, so he understands valuing and supporting each student’s path. I have found these two experiences have made him a humble voice for all children. Join me in voting for a proven poised voice at the table, Jonathan Steckler on Nov. 5.

Carina Drake

Bayberry Hill Road

Reynolds is ‘home grown’

Tom Reynolds is one of Ridgefield’s outstanding individuals and we will benefit by having him a member of The Ridgefield Police Commission. Tom knows Ridgefield. He help built one of Ridgefield’s most successful “home grown” businesses which continues to give back to the community … as does Tom! Please join me in helping to elect Tom Reynolds to the Police Commission.

Bill Wyman

Rockwell Road

Connelly has passion

I am writing this letter to fully endorse Sean Connelly for Board of Selectmen. I have known Sean for nine years, working directly with him as a volunteer coach and division director for SCOR, and volunteer coordinator for our local kids triathlon. Sean has a tireless desire to serve our community.

He is responsive, level-headed, and passionate about the many volunteer activities in which he has engaged as a longtime community member. As a coach and division director for SCOR, he proved his dedication to our community, particularly the youth of Ridgefield. He’s the only one running for BOS who has children who attend the Ridgefield Public Schools. I know Sean will do right by our community and fully support his efforts.

Sarah Katz

Vote blue for Police Commission

When it comes to setting the course for law enforcement in Ridgefield, Democratic Police Commission candidates George Kain, Nick Perna and Issy Caporale have my vote. They bring unmatched talents to the job and their skills and backgrounds complement each other well.

A 20-year member of the Police Commission, Kain is a longtime professor in the Division of Justice and Law Administration at West Conn. He’s been involved in law enforcement for more than 30 years.

Police Commission member Perna combines the skills of an eminent professional economist with deep understanding of Ridgefield and law enforcement. A 50-year resident, Perna’s brother and son are in law enforcement, giving him many out-of-state opportunities for police ride-alongs.

Caporale, a retired and much-honored chief petty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, then worked as a dispatcher for the Ridgefield PD for 11 years, giving her tremendous rank and file support.

Joe Shapiro

Blackman Road

Rudy defines leadership

When I was first selectman of Brookfield, I admired Rudy’s strengths as a leader, manager and decision-maker. He is highly respected by local selectmen, regional and state government officials. We moved to Ridgefield three years ago to take advantage of the cultural attractions — and to benefit from Rudy Marconi’s leadership.

Bill Davidson

Perna deserves reelection

What could be better than returning Nick Perna to the Ridgefield Police Commission?

As an incumbent, he knows the job; as a nationally renowned economist (now retired), he has the skills and the time to devote to the commission; as the brother of a retired police officer and father and the father-in-law of law enforcement professionals, he is well aware of the demands of the profession; as a longtime resident of Ridgefield he would like to continue contributing to the community that he has called home for nearly 50 years.

Let’s return Nick Perna to the Police Commission for a full two-year term on Nov. 5.

Darwin Ellis

Great Hill Road

Kabasakalian for treasurer

Henny Youngman famously quipped “Take my wife…please.” I’m asking that you vote for my wife, Colette, please!

Colette holds a B.S. in economics and a concentration in fine arts from SUNY Oneonta. She is a director on the Ridgefield Board of Realtors and chairs the Public Relations and Outreach Committees. Colette is a member of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists and volunteers at many of their events. She is on the board of directors for Something Good in the World, an alternative farming school in Courtland-Manor, N.Y. In her spare time, Colette can be seen taking a plein air, outdoor, art class at the guild, helping with the flowers at St. Elizabeth Seton or tending to her tomato patch. I failed to mention that Colette is an associate real estate broker in her beloved Ridgefield and is an amazing wife.

Please consider supporting my wife, Colette Kabasakalian for town treasurer.

Greg Kabasakalian

Washington Avenue

Hebert, Kozlark

are good for Ridgefield

I support Bob Hebert and Maureen Kozlark for re-election to the Board of Selectmen. Maureen brings nine years of experience in the position, and Bob’s business acumen and common sense have quickly made him an integral part of the board. I hope you will join me in supporting both of these excellent candidates for reelection. Bob and Maureen have been good for Ridgefield and both deserve another term.

Robert Lavelle

Aspen Mill Road

Steckler believes in

growth for every student

“Growth for each and every student — not for most — but for each.”

That guiding principle is what drives Jonathan Steckler’s discussion and action on the current Board of Education. In his past two years on the BOE, Jonathan has consistently acted in support of this tenet. For example, he voted for a budget that includes strategies to help student growth including the hiring of a STEM coordinator, increased social and emotional supports at all levels, and professional learning for teachers. He also voted to increase student choice through revised graduation requirements and new course offerings at the high school.

As chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, Jonathan is also forward focused. Under his leadership, the committee is looking ahead as it dives into the transportation system, enrollment trends, working relationships with other town entities, and the upcoming legislative session. On the Finance Committee, Jonathan remains committed to the goal of student growth, while asking perceptive, discerning questions during budget development and ongoing monitoring.

Jonathan has the respect of his fellow board members and an excellent working relationship with them. He is an active listener, intelligent mind, collaborative worker, and a kind person. Jonathan Steckler is an asset to the BOE, and a true champion for the needs of Ridgefield students.

Margaret Stamatis

Hessian Drive

Vote for Galanski

I am writing to let your readers know that I feel Stan Galanski, a candidate for the Ridgefield Board of Assessment Appeals, deserves the votes of my fellow Ridgefield residents for several reasons. I was able to witness his leadership abilities and sound financial judgment firsthand as an employee at the Navigators Group, where Stan served as CEO for more than 15 years. Whether in business or in his work with charitable organizations such as Kids in Crisis, Stan approaches all endeavors with a passion for excellence and committment to fairness. The citizens of Ridgefield will be lucky to have a person of Stan’s caliber serve the town in this capacity.

Dan Westcott

Moccia for first selectman

Ridgefield needs a leader, not with visions, but with plans and actions. Waiting until a crisis hits is not a plan. The Depot Bridge in Georgetown has been in disrepair for over 20 years. I’m told it’s a town owned bridge, but nothing was done until the state ordered it fixed or shut down. The sewer “crisis” happened because no funds were set aside in annual budgets to plan for replacement.

Dick Moccia was a two-term mayor of Norwalk. He has experience with planning and follow-through for a complicated city. He is the fresh face we need for Ridgefield.

Linda Lavelle

Pragmatism over politics

We are proud Ridgefielders, who love the unique and special character of our town. Leadership shapes and protects this character, and Rudy Marconi has been our town’s first selectman for the vast majority of the 20+ years we have called Ridgefield home. In an era of vitriolic politics, where ideology and negativity tend to dominate reasoned debate and discussion, Rudy represents a pragmatic form of leadership, working hard to find a middle ground and thoughtful consensus.

Like most towns in Connecticut, Ridgefield faces daunting choices as it tries to balance competing needs and desires with the realities of living on a state and town tax budget that simply cannot continue to rise. Navigating these waters will require leadership, and Rudy’s experience, pragmatism, and deep appreciation for the “secret sauce” of Ridgefield makes him the right choice for our first selectman.

Elaine and Kevin Cox

Ridgebury Road

Support for Savino

Joe Savino is running for the Board of Selectmen. He is a longtime resident, business executive, volunteer and has served on multiple town boards, e.g. finance, selectmen, Planning and Zoning and currently the Police Commission. He is running for the Board of Selectmen because he wants to maintain our quality of life: fight tolls, ease traffic, curb commercial development in residential zones and fight against regionalization of schools. He is committed to ensuring the WPCA reevaluate the formula for sewer fees. Joe Savino is on the record as stating that tolls will be disastrous for Ridgefield. Can any other selectman make that statement? You can be assured that Joe Savino will be outspoken, determined and steadfast in his commitment to Ridgefield. Please join me in voting for Joe Savino on Nov. 5.

Bob Cascella

Walnut Grove Road

Caporale has great characteristics

I strongly believe that Isabel Caporale, Issy, would be an outstanding addition to our Police Commission. I point to her distinguished career, 22 years in the U.S. Coast Guard and 11 years as a dispatcher for the Ridgefield Police Department. This experience in two areas of law-enforcement will prove invaluable to our town. Issy respects the work efforts of our officers and would work well with the department to enhance the safety and address the concerns of Ridgefield residents. She maintains both candor and respect in handling conflicts. She will bring fresh blood and new ideas to a long established police commission. I speak confidently because I have known Isabel for 30 years and have witnessed her character, integrity and honesty in difficult situations. I heartily endorse Issy for the election to the Police Commission of Ridgefield.

Ellen Tarsi