Endorsement letters: Connelly, Kozlark, and Ulmer receive support

The deadline for endorsement letters has passed. The municipal election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The deadline for endorsement letters has passed. The municipal election is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

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Kozlark listens to residents

Please join me in voting to re-elect Maureen Kozlark, Board of Selectmen. Maureen is informed and thoughtful in her decision-making. She respectfully listens to all sides of issues and chooses the course that will be the most beneficial to all. Maintaining the small town feel we love about Ridgefield is very important to Maureen. She takes the responsibility of public service very seriously. She regularly attends informational meetings to learn more about a topic and to hear feedback from townspeople. All Ridgefielders are well represented with Maureen on the Board of Selectmen. Cast your vote for Kozlark!

Debra Franceschini

Connelly is the right choice for Ridgefield

Having known Sean Connelly for a decade, I am confident he is the right choice for Board of Selectmen. He is a neighbor, digging into town life since moving to Ridgefield in 2006, generously giving his time to the local schools, Boy Scouts and SCOR. He is a husband and father, with two kids in Ridgefield schools. He is an accomplished executive, helping Fortune 500 companies motivate individuals and teams toward common goals. And he is a proven official, having successfully served on the Board of Finance. Consider this unique blend of capabilities as you place your vote and your trust in Sean Connelly.

Tim Benedict

Tackora Trail

Vote for Dave

As a member of Board of Finance, I am urging my neighbors to vote to keep Dave Ulmer on our Board of Finance.

Sixteen years of experience on the Board of Finance, eight years as chairman of the Board of Finance.

With four out of five seats up for grabs, we need Dave. No one has more, better experience than he does.

Please ... vote for Dave.

Amy Macartney Freidenrich

Vote for the future

How you vote now matters — not just for this moment, but for the future. The decisions our town makes now, in terms of how and when to build and develop, have huge implications for one of our most valuable resources … our water. Please vote for Inland Wetlands Board candidates whose lives, vocations and actions demonstrate their respect for nature’s essential ecosystems.

On Election Day, cast your vote for Democrats Susan Baker (Ridgefield Open Space and Conservation Commission member), Tracey Miller (landscape architect, whose experience includes work on Salt Meadow Park in Madison), Kory Salomone (land use and zoning attorney) and David Tatge (Woodcock Nature Center board member).

These four pledge to manage our natural water resources responsibly; to balance wetlands protection and thoughtful economic development; to protect aquifers to ensure long-term health and safety; and understand and apply the latest scientific understanding to their decision-making.

Emily Malagisi

Ridgecrest Drive