Greg and Colette, a dynamic couple for Ridgefield

I am writing today to endorse candidates Greg and Colette Kabasakalian. Their love for Ridgefield is evident in the fact that they are both running for elected office. Colette is running for Town Treasurer while her husband Greg is running for Board of Finance.

Greg grew up in Ridgefield, has an MBA from Sacred Heart University and is a consultant in the Financial Services industry. Colette is a Realtor in town. Many of you may know her from the community outreach programs she participates in.

On Nov. 5, I encourage you to support and vote for this dynamic couple to represent our town the way Ridgefield deserves.

Debra Franceschini-Gatje

Connelly is passionate about Ridgefield

As a lifelong Ridgefielder and person who loves this town I’d like to offer my support for a strong candidate running for Board of Selectman, Sean Connelly. I have been biking and running with Sean for years and know that he is passionate about Ridgefield. He is very capable, active in the community, loves the town and our people and will work hard to ensure that our town remains a wonderful place to raise children, now and in the future.

Mike Rodgers

Stonecrest Road

Kain has strong moral fiber

Thank you for this opportunity to support my longtime colleague and co-author George Kain for re-election as Police Commissioner for Ridgefield. I have known and worked with Dr. Kain throughout the US and overseas for at least 20 years and have experienced him as a man of courage, conviction, integrity and strong moral fiber. He cares deeply about his community and his department and brings an enlightened vision to his work in public service and protection. We are blessed to have people like Dr. Kain protecting our cities.

Dale S. Recinella, JD, MTS

Tallahassee, Florida