Endorsement Letters: Galanski, McGeehin, and Reynolds receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

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Galanski is the right man for the job

Stan Galanski, candidate for the Board of Assessment Appeals, is a 20-year resident of Ridgefield with a generous volunteer background in civic organizations. He has served the community as vice chairman of Kids in Crisis, a regional child protection agency, and as an active member of St Mary’s Church. He is also a regular attendee and supporter of Chirp concerts, the Ridgefield Playhouse and other local causes.

I have known Stan for many years to be a faithful member of the community, very fair-minded, very analytical,and an excellent family man.

Of all the candidates for the Board of Assessment Appeals, he is the most qualified, with 40 years in the property insurance industry. The BAA serves as an intermediary between the assessor and the courts, and Stan has substantive knowledge about value assessment and real estate appraisal. Approachable and thoughtful, he will be the most effective candidate to objectively review disagreements about property valuation.

Stan is truly the man for the job.

Brian Kelley

Silver Hill Road

Reynolds is honest and fair

In the 30-plus years I’ve known Tom Reynolds, he has always been the ultimate professional, adviser and friend. He is passionate about our town and strives to make it a better place.

Tom was instrumental in the Community Center renovation many years ago when I served as board president. He was honest, fair and most of all the voice of reason. We’ve volunteered for many of the same organizations. When faced with decision-making, Tom asks questions and gathers facts before offering his opinion.

I’m honored to have served on so many committees with Tom and truly believe our Police Commission will continue to benefit from his expertise. Tom, you have my vote!

Debra Hayes

Wooster Heights Drive

Katz is passionate, dedicated

John Katz should be re-elected for another term on Ridgefield’s Planning and Zoning Commission. He has immense knowledge and dedication to this town. He first served on P&Z in 1978 and has been dedicated to steering the Town of Ridgefield in a positive direction ever since.

John demonstrates his strong, intelligent and ethically guided character in several areas. He is the executive director (for 35 years), founder and guiding light for the Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau (he takes no salary for this position) and he is often at ROAR, offering help in one way or another to the animals who have ended up there.

What I have learned about John Katz in the 20 years I have known and worked with him, is that he is passionate on the side of good, about Ridgefield, it’s most vulnerable young people and its animals. I want someone with John’s deep knowledge, good values and excellent judgement to represent me and Ridgefield on any planning and zoning issues we face in the next four years.

Re-elect John!

Lisa Kuller, LCSW

Clinical Director, Ridgefield Youth Service Bureau

Vote for Reynolds

I have had the honor of getting to know Tom Reynolds over the past few years, first as a neighbor and then as a friend. Tom is a brilliant accountant, but more importantly, an incredible and principled man with a long record of putting the town of Ridgefield first. Tom’s involvement in numerous community organizations, and committees over the years has helped to shape our town and to preserve the uniqueness that makes Ridgefield the greatest small town in the U.S. Tom has previously spent 10 years serving on the Police Commission and is amply qualified to resume his service. The Town of Ridgefield needs and deserves the type of commitment and experience Tom brings to this role. I fully support Tom and ask that you put Ridgefield first and vote for Tom Reynolds for Police Commission on Nov. 5.

Steven Gmelin

Round Lake Road

McGeehin for treasurer

Molly McGeehin is one of the smiling, welcoming facts you see when you visit Town Hall. Molly is Ridgefield’s town treasurer and she is truly a town treasure. Through her financial management skills, she has been able to realize an $851,000 revenue surplus through June 30, 2019. Molly has a B.S. in accounting and and M.B.A. in finance. You will see her at many town board meetings making sure she understands the issues and making bipartisan contacts with the board members. You will also see her at Town Hall meetings working with all the public to understand our needs and concerns regardless of political party affiliation.

Betty Kloth

Governor Street

A homegrown candidate

My son, Greg Kabasakalian, is a candidate for Board of Finance. Greg grew up in Ridgefield. Barlow Mountain and East Ridge prepared him well for Fairfield Prep. Greg always loved living in Ridgefield. So much so that when it came time for college, he stayed locally and went to Sacred Heart University earning his B.S. and M.B.A. degrees.

Greg is a hardworking honest man. He is a loving father and devoted husband. Greg’s integrity and experience will make him a true asset to the BOF. I encourage all to vote for my son, Greg Kabasakalian, for Board of Finance.

Nancy Kabasaklian

Round Lake Road

Rudy keeps Ridgefield beautiful

I enthusiastically support Rudy Marconi for re-election. Rudy has been a major force behind the town’s historic preservation, conservation and promotion of the arts. His leadership helped create and sustain a Ridgefield which is friendly and a great place to live. Great public education, public spaces, entertainment and restaurants. He’s helped keep Ridgefield a beautiful town and not a city.

Dan O’Brien

Main Street

Kozlark is thoughtful and experienced

Maureen Kozlark has been an invaluable member of the Board of Selectmen for eight years and deserves to be re-elected. She is a good listener and has represented the interests of people of all ages in town. She researches issues thoroughly before they come up for discussion, so her comments are always to the point and productive. Her record is one of careful consideration, respectful debate and consensus building. Ridgefield needs thoughtful and caring people like Maureen on the Board of Selectmen. I am crossing party lines to vote for her. If you are a Democrat, I hope you will too.

Barbara Hartman

Craigmoor Road North

Marconi has our vote

Rudy does indeed lead with vision. He has kept Ridgefield safe and financially strong, managing growth responsibly while maintaining our small-town charm. He cares deeply about every aspect of our town.

‘For the Love of Ridgefield,’ Rudy has earned our vote and we hope he has earned yours as well.

Anita and Nick Donofrio

Endorsement for John Katz

Being a true native, I have experienced the growth of Ridgefield for well over a half century. Most of the changes have been positive with the New England small town charm mostly preserved. The credit belongs to the dedication and due diligence of our Planning and Zoning Commission. On the commission there are very dedicated members, but the one who stands out to me as the most dedicated, extremely well-versed in state and federal zoning laws, is John Katz.

As a Ridgefield native himself, the preservation of the character of the town is at the forefront of his role on the commission. He juristically fills his role in insuring all applications conform to all current laws. We need to keep the character of Ridgefield intact and keep John Katz on the P&Z Commission. That is why I am endorsing John; he cares as much for Ridgefield as I do. If you want Ridgefield’s character and charm to remain the same, vote for John Katz.

George Besse

Hillsdale Avenue

Reynolds’ integrity is unquestionable

I am endorsing Tom Reynolds candidacy for a seat on the Police Commission. I have known Tom for many years and his integrity is unquestionable. Having been a resident of Ridgefield for over 40 years, Tom knows our town. He cofounded a successful Ridgefield-based CPA firm, Reynolds and Rowella, which now employs over 50 people and is one of the largest CPA firms in Fairfield County. Having already served as a Ridgefield police commissioner for 10 years, two terms as chairman, he has the needed job experience.

But his love of Ridgefield is evidenced by the additional ways that Tom has given back to our community through his involvement with nonprofits. The RVNA, Meals on Wheels, Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, Keeler Tavern, Boys and Girls Club, ROAR, and the Ridgefield Library have all benefited from his expertise. On Election Day, he’ll have my vote and I hope yours too.

Kathy Graham

High Ridge Avenue