Endorsement Letters: Caporale, Ogden, and Perna receive support

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

Below is a Letter to the Editor from this week's Ridgefield Press. If you'd like to have a letter to the editor run next week, email letters to news@TheRidgefieldPress.com. Deadline is 1 p.m. and word count is 300 words.

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Marconi has made town better

It has my good fortune to know Rudy Marconi long before he became first selectman in Ridgefield. He has always been diligent and thoughtful in all endeavors he has undertaken.

By now we should all be totally cognizant of his many achievements made during his tenure in town government starting with his contributions on Planning and Zoning and as well as in the office of selectman. The list is amazing and he has gotten them done because he listens and acts in a non- partisan fashion.

Recently, there are those who attempt to point at development in town as a negative. Growth is inevitable, healthy and, in fact, is a measure of the attraction to our town, which is viewed by outsiders as a “wonderful place” to live. The draw to Ridgefield is reflection of Rudy’s accomplishments over the last 20 years.

So, my question today is not whether you should vote for Rudy, rather why wouldn’t you? To me it’s a given and I strongly urge the good people of Ridgefield to turn out and vote for Rudy Marconi.

Robert Lang

Main Street

Katz studies every issue with great care

We are supporting John Katz for P&Z. He has served town for many years, studies every quandary carefully, and has worked and voted to maintain our residential character.

Barbara and Ken Eisold

Chestnut Hill Road

Rudy works tirelessly

Thank you, Rudy, for your 20 years of tireless dedication to helping Ridgefield be the wonderful town it is today, and thank you for agreeing to give the voters of this town the opportunity to say thank you again at the ballot box. You are truly a breath of fresh air in a political environment characterized by dysfunction and negativity. Thanks for your continued service to this community!

Phil Riordan

Peaceable Ridge Road

Vote for Ogden

I will be supporting Karen Ogden for Ridgefield’s Board of Finance on Nov. 5. Karen has had a 30-year career in finance that has included the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Bank of America, a start-up broker-dealer and currently Guggenheim Securities, a N.Y.-based investment bank.

She has traded, authored white papers, taught classes on and had regulatory oversight for fixed income securities as well as had budgetary responsibility for multi-million dollar business units.

She has also twice taken a break from finance to work in the not-for-profit sector — once with a Chicago-based child welfare agency and most recently at our own Woodcock Nature Center. Karen is a thoughtful, detail-oriented professional — just the kind of person I would trust to help guide the budgetary agenda for our tax dollars.

John Stamatis

Hessian Drive

Caporale is ideal fit for Police Commission

In the many years that Issy Caporale and I have been friends, I have known her to be the most focused, honest person I know. If she is elected police commissioner, she will bring inside insight from her 11 years as police dispatcher and expertise from her exceptional years with the Coast Guard. For the fortunate voters of Ridgefield, I would say that Issy Caporale, a native daughter, is a perfect candidate to represent their interests on the Police Commission.

Meredith Wait

Former Ridgefield resident

Manners deserves re-election

I’m not sure that I know any one individual more committed and dedicated to the town of Ridgefield than Barbara Manners. Barbara is a champion for the perseverance of our New England small town feel, and works tirelessly to assure that Ridgefield continues to possess the charm that we all appreciate and adore.

Many people might not realize that it was Barbara who founded the Ridgefield Playhouse; a major achievement for Ridgefield. As most residents do know, Barbara began CHIRP (Concert Happenings in Ridgefield’s Parks) that thousands enjoy every summer. Barbara has been serving as a selectwoman (on the Board of Selectmen) for over 20 years.

Simply put, Barbara’s dedication to the betterment of our incredible town is obvious. She is devoted to us, and we can thank her by voting for her re-appointment to the Board of Selectmen.

Daniel C. Levine

Ridgefield Conservation Commission member

Steckler, Sjoberg offer plenty of expertise

Jonathan Steckler is an excellent member of the current Ridgefield Board of Education. His business acumen and experience are extremely beneficial when the board discusses finance, capital projects and strategic planning. Ken Sjoberg will bring additional financial expertise to the current board. His management insights will support the RPS administration team as they deliver education to our children.

Jonathan’s contributions as a member of the BOE, serving as chair of the Strategic Planning subcommittee and a member of the Budget and Finance subcommittee, have been astute and mindful of the differing responsibilities within the district. Ken will offer fresh perspectives as a parent of elementary-aged children and a recent graduate of RHS.

Vote for Jonathan Steckler and Kenneth Sjoberg for Board of Education.

Frances Walton

Rolling Hill Road

Vote for Perna

Please join me in voting for incumbent Nick Perna to the Ridgefield Board of Police Commissioners on Nov. 5. Dr. Perna’s unique combination of skills as a college-level educator, private sector professional and sole proprietor of a Ridgefield-based company give him the ability to be an asset to this vital Ridgfield organization. In an effort to become familiar with the nature of his responsibilities, Nick has participated in numerous “ride-alongs” including traffic stops, domestic violence calls, and narcotics raids. In addition, Nick is familiar with police procedures and techniques as a graduate of the Ridgefield Civilian Police Academy.

Let’s help Nick fulfill his desire to “give back” to a town he and his family have called home for almost 50 years by voting for him on Nov. 5.

Molly McGeehin

Tanton Hill Road

Reynolds builds relationships

I am writing in support of Tom Reynolds, for Police Commission this November. I have lived in Ridgefield eight years, a town where you can either remain anonymous or get out into the community and get to know people. I have been lucky to meet Tom Reynolds and his wife Susan.

Tom’s past leadership has certainly left a mark on our PD. They truly embody the “Protect and Serve” tagline. It’s no accident that this force has a great partnership with the residents. Tom will continue to foster this very important aspect of public service through encouraging outreach, relationship building, listening to our concerns and finding workable solutions.

I look forward to Tom Reynolds growing the success of this already professional team and hope our town will agree at voting time.

Lisa Terry

Round Lake Road

Re-elect McGeehin for treasurer

I am writing in support of the wonderful Molly McGeehin who is running for re-election as our town treasurer.

More than ever, Ridgefield needs a steady hand in the critical role of treasurer for our town. In her tenure, Molly has demonstrated that she can do the job brilliantly. Molly has safeguarded our tax dollars. She recorded $1,418,000 in investment income representing an $851,000 revenue surplus through June 30, 2019.

As a member of the Board of Finance, I am grateful for Molly’s expertise as a CPA and MBA graduate. I hope you will vote for her in November.

Amy Macartney Freidenrich

Market Street

Reynolds is a great asset

Tom Reynolds once again would like to help his hometown as a member of the Police Commission. We should certainly take him up on his offer and welcome his help. Tom is very honest, compassionate, and a straight shooter. He is very approachable. He makes decisions based on what is right for our town. I am sure that all who know him would agree.

Tom has lived in Ridgefield for more than 40 years, He understands Ridgefield, and the importance of our police department. He would be a great asset to the Police Commission, again. I urge you to join me in voting for Tom.

Joe Walsh

Fieldcrest Drive

Manners is devoted to our town

We have known Barbara Manners ever since she and her son, David, attended Judy’s very first parent-child music class more than 25 years ago. Barbara has shared her love of music with our community by being the driving force behind the creation of two of our town’s greatest assets: the Ridgefield Playhouse and CHIRP summer concerts in Ballard Park. Barbara’s love of the arts is matched only by her devoted service to our town as a long-serving member of the Board of Selectmen. A vote for Barbara is a vote for experience and integrity.

Aron and Judy Hirt-Manheimer

New Street

Reynolds for police commissioner

I hope you will join me on Nov. 5 in voting for Tom Reynolds for police commissioner. Tom has served as a commissioner for over eight years and I have had the pleasure of serving next to him for six years. I have seen firsthand that he has the knowledge, passion and dedication to help manage our police department to ensure Ridgefield remains one of the safest towns in the United States. Not only has Tom dutifully served as commissioner, he is active in many other local organizations including Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association, ROAR and Meal on Wheels, just to name a few. Tom is the right choice for police commissioner. Please vote for Tom for police commissioner.

Marcie Coffin

West Lane

Vote for Manners

I cannot think of a volunteer elected official who has had a more positive impact on our town than Barbara Manners. Ridgefield has become a destination for the arts, and the founding of the Ridgefield Playhouse really put our town on the map. Barbara worked long and hard to get a dusty, unused auditorium turned into a fabulous live performance venue. After the tragedy of 9/11, she founded CHIRP, providing free outdoor concerts every summer to bring people together in the enjoyment of live music. She founded the Holiday Trust Fund, which pays for the beautiful holiday lights, the tree lighting ceremony, and the Halloween Walk.

She also brings her legal training to bear on every issue brought to the Board of Selectmen. We are fortunate that she is running again for the Board of Selectmen, and I hope you will join me in voting for Barbara on Nov. 5.

Ellen Burns

Great Hill Road

Reynolds keeps Ridgefield safe

I am writing to endorse Tom Reynolds for the Police Commission and ask you to support him by voting in the coming election. Tom has been a Ridgefield resident for over 43 years and an active member of the community. Tom is the best qualified to represent our interests:

· Co-founded Reynolds & Rowella CPA firm employing 50 people in Ridgefield

· 10 years of experience on the Police Commission, two terms as chairman

· A wonderful wife Susan Reynolds has spent 49 years as Superior Court judge

· Four years as a member of the Ridgefield Economic Development Committee

Tom has been a great neighbor, friend, and business associate and has helped keep Ridgefield a safe and special place to live.

Byron Brooks

Old West Mountain Road