To the Editor:

It is with deep sadness, that I have seen where Ridgefield, has gone along with the rest of the Northeast and has turned Blue. When I was growing up in town in the 60's to the 80's you could count on Ridgefield to be among the Conservative stalwart towns, the population of the smaller towns was always enough to overcome the Democratic bastions. Now we find ourselves in a place where our voices will never be heard again. John Frey was one of my High School acquaintances, and I was proud to have him as my Rep. Now I find, that I would be represented by someone, and an entire party that does not share my Conservative beliefs.

I saw the writing on the wall years ago and moved, as the town was being led in a direction that I could not go. The help your neighbor up has been radically changed to handouts and where is mine?

No, I was not a "new comer", my family arrived in town in @ 1720 with the second purchase of land from the Indians. My family built St. Stephen's church and in the bell tower you can still see the names of the masons that built it. They did the stonework at the old Ballard estate, before Mrs. Ballard donated the property to the town and had her house torn down. That work ethic has been shattered by the Democrats, now all I see and hear is Socialization and the tax and spend liberals, This along with the very scary propositions that they plan on instituting will most likely erode what personal freedoms we have left.

I have moved to Pima County in Arizona where personal liberty and Government have also put us conservatives under attack, but we still have the numbers.

Bob Hedin

Former member of the RVFD

Grandson of Max Seemann; owner of the Titicus Store @ 1940-1960, if any ones remembers.