Don't you fall for GOP's fear

To the Editor:

There is little dispute that fears for our future, our democracy and our community are justified due to Trump. Many Ridgefield voters believe the imminent risk is that Trump’s policies, appointees, lack of a plan for the pandemic and willful disregard for people will be supported by the GOP in Hartford. A reasonable concern.

Simultaneously, the local GOP has raised unfounded claims about community control, taxes, schools and police have created fear, uncertainty and doubt without substantiation, a classic “disinformation” campaign. Don’t fall for them.

The real risk is that the Connecticut GOP, including those in Ridgefield, are and will be his policy enablers in Hartford. Seniors and families: Trump is coming for pre-existing conditions. Women: your choice and health care options are on the line. Small business: you are on your own.

Protect Ridgefield and Connecticut. Vote Row A for State Senator, State Representative, Congress and President.

Susan D. Cocco

Branchville Road, Oct. 26