Dems' mail-ins violate state laws

To the Editor:

Congrat Democrats, you’ve shown how incapable you are of discerning how our voting process works. Despite Denise Merrill’s insistence that you are eligible to vote by mail or even calling it an absentee ballot, your ballot is invalid.

There is no provision in our voting statues or legislation which allows you to submit your vote by “mail” due to your fear of COVID, as most of you weren’t diagnosed with it when you provided your ballots in boxes or by mail. They have no substantial basis for being allowed as absentee ballots. Isn’t that fun? As an added bonus you really shouldn’t have provided a pop up tent every weekend nearby the ballot box which was in clear view of the signs indicating the box was nearby in clear violation of federal voting laws.

You’re in clear violation of numerous voting laws and statutes. Do you not think we are going to ensure that you’re following the laws and if you aren’t, we won’t hold you accountable? This means that 1/3 or your presumed ballots will be rejected because you simply can’t follow the laws. Ironic isn’t it, that you purport that Republicans cheat and ignore the laws while we have actual evidence that you are the ones who engage in this behavior?

Orange man bad, right?

Bob Cousins

Ridgefield, Oct. 22