Democrats want to take away guns

To the Editor:

In response to Anita Donofrio’s letter to The Ridgefield Press stating “…Advocating for safe gun use doesn’t mean taking guns from lawful owners…”

Every Democrat Presidential candidate supported negating the 2nd Amendment and banning the private ownership of firearms. Some called for confiscation of existing legally owned firearms.

Anita, I suggest you read Presidential Candidate Biden’s and the Democrat Party’s initial gun control plan as detailed in:

H.R.5717 — Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 Sponsor Rep. Johnson, Henry C. Jr. (D-GA-4) filed 1-30-20;

S.3254 — Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020 Sponsor Sen. Warren, Elizabeth (D-MA) filed 2-5-20.

Apparently, the Democrats do not understand “… shall not be infringed.”

H.R.5717 requires a license to own a firearm, new tax — Increase in excise taxes relating to firearms.

Taxable at 30 percent: Pistols; Revolvers; Firearms; Any lower frame or receiver for a firearm.

Taxable at 50 percent: Shells and cartridges” basically all ammunition.

Senator Haskell proposed a 50 percent tax on ammunition during the Connecticut General Assembly 2019 session; then proposed a 35 percent tax on ammunition during the 2020 Session.

Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said during a debate (February 25, 2020) that “…150 million people have been killed [by guns] since 2007…”

The approximate U.S. population is 330 million.

This is the typical Democrat approach; make statements about firearms that use misleading data and outrageous claims, people are too busy to check; When questioned about the data ignore the issue or attempt to trivialize (Saul Alinsky Rule 5).

In my opinion this election is not about Presidential Candidate Biden or President Trump, it is about the future of United States. Will we continue with the system, flaws, and warts, that developed this country, or will we embrace socialism?

Joseph J. Trench

18 Ascot Way, Oct. 25