Democratic View

Following their victories at the polls last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of speaking with State Sen. Will Haskell and State Rep.-elect Aimee Berger-Girvalo to get a sense of how this dynamic team plans to work together, along with re-elected State Rep. Ken Gucker, to represent Ridgefield in Hartford. The camaraderie of these three legislators representing Ridgefield was evident throughout the campaign.

Aimee was eager to extend her appreciation to the entire Ridgefield community. “Will and I are so proud to have the support of our community, and are deeply honored that the people of Ridgefield have elected, and put their faith in us, to represent them in Hartford. We are truly grateful to the amazing volunteers, poll workers, and to everyone who came out and voted. But that gratitude is not extended strictly to those who checked off our names on the ballot. Will and I have always intended to serve those who didn’t vote for us, with as much commitment as we have to those who did. It is not lost on us that the role of a legislator is to represent and fight for the people who make up their entire community -- to truly be an extension of the voice of the people. And the only way we can do that is to listen, and learn from our neighbors.”

Haskell agreed. “Regardless of which candidates you voted for on Tuesday, surely we can all celebrate that this election saw historic turnout. At some polling places, voters began lining up around 5 a.m., while thousands more had already submitted their absentee ballot weeks in advance. Aimee and I are determined to continue that progress, and to keep bringing new voices into the fold. I’m so honored that Ridgefield has placed their trust in me again, and I know Aimee will make a terrific partner as we fight for this community. We both wish our Republican colleagues well and hope we can count on their partnership as we all work to keep Connecticut healthy.”

Haskell added, “The legislative session moves quickly, and I hope all Ridgefield constituents will feel welcome to come forward with new and innovative ideas about how to improve our state. I know from experience — nothing is worse than receiving an email with a fantastic idea in June, just as the legislative session comes to an end. Regardless of your political affiliations, help us fight for you by reaching out and sharing your perspective. We’re excited to hear from you.”

Gucker’s take was, “When you have somebody that comes to their door and speaks to them about their issues, their concerns and their questions, and actually listens, it’s rewarding that many of them came forward to me and said ‘You know what, I’m of this party or that party, but you’ve been there for me and I’m going to come out and be there for you.’”

Ridgefielders are fortunate that Haskell, Berger-Girvalo, and Gucker will be there for all of us.

Joe Shapiro is Chair of the Ridgefield Democratic Town Committee.