Connecticut state Representative candidate Bob Hebert for all of Ridgefield

Connecticut representative candidate Hebert for all of Ridgefield

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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Bob Hebert and ‘common sense’ go hand in hand, but so do Bob Hebert and humility. Over the years, Bob has proven time and again to care about RIDGEFIELD first; its residents, his neighbors.

Volunteering on our Town boards takes a ton of personal time, yet Bob takes his role as Selectman seriously beyond the agenda. He is the only Selectman who reached out to review my thoughts on the Board of Education budget and discuss the hundreds of line items. He wanted to understand what our schools needed and the perspective of Board of Education members to ensure he formulated his thoughts based on educational needs. Bob spent many hours combing through those 300 budget pages, asking critical questions before supporting the budget.

During the pandemic shutdowns, I gladly gave to the Ridgefield Restaurant fund, sponsored and led by Bob, to keep our restaurant employees and owners whole during a terrible time for their businesses. To my knowledge, he never advertised his leadership of that cause, because it was about helping a neighbor, not personal glory.

Bob has a strong background in business, finance, negotiation and organizational leadership. These critical professional skills, combined with a true love of our Town, make him the obvious choice to help shepherd Ridgefield through these challenging times. His ability to reach across aisles and work with people of every background is demonstrated daily in Ridgefield.

Rampant taxation, inflation, lack of local representation in building codes are real issues affecting every Ridgefield resident. These will have long term impacts on our ability to continue to thrive as a town and community. We can no longer afford our representation to be focused on ideology over real, local issues.

I am proud to support and endorse Bob Hebert. I’m confident he will support ALL of Ridgefield.

Elizabeth Floegel

West Mountain Road