Bob Hebert is willing to serve in Ridgefield

Connecticut representative candidate Bob Hebert willing to serve

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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The one thing that my husband Bob Hebert does that is very different from other candidates is that he does his due diligence on all the issues.  He is of the mind set that a problem may look like it has one solution but is able to see that each individual may have a very different point of view that is not obvious or visible at first glance.  As your selectman, this has been prevalent in the work he done for Ridgefield. 

He makes it a point to visit the resident and LISTEN to their concerns.  Sometimes it may be a resource that he is aware to connect the resident or other times it might be more complex.  Once a resident’s passport had expired who needed to fly overseas after the death of a family member. He immediately made it his mission to figure out how to get this done especially when the passport offices were closed due to Covid.

As a fire commissioner, Bob rode with the EMT’s in order to better understand their operation and their needs to be sure that they have the resources and tools they need to do their job effectively and safely. 

He believes that being a selectman is not just attending the meetings.  He wants to hear from the residents, their concerns, their input and their ideas. 

He is not in this for popularity.  Bob is in this because he truly believes that Connecticut can do better at creating a safe, healthy, financially sound and affordable home for its residents.  Please consider him on November 8 to be your next state representative.  It is you the residents of Ridgefield he is willing to serve.

Jan Hebert
Prospect Street