Bob Hebert for state representative seat




Bob Hebert's road-side signs say "Common Sense" right under his name. What a direct and on-point motto. It's just like Bob.

My husband and I met Bob the first year we moved to Ridgefield, 2010. I wouldn't be surprised if he's met more than half the people that

live here. He just puts himself in positions where he's likely to meet you and hear (really hear) your story. Since then, we've seen Bob

support many Ridgefield activities from hands-on work for the needy and elderly to participation in boards/committees in the town's government.

Bob's contributions are not just well-meaning. Again and again, he has shown the interest, skill set and backbone to confront serious and often

complicated problems, and the patience to craft durable solutions for the maximum number of Ridgefielders. He listens, researches, applies

his engineering and financial skills, develops a plan or policy, then communicates it clearly, while always open to criticism.

We need a representative in Hartford who will curb the state's propensity to increase both its budget and its realm of oversight

without bounds. We need a representative who will go to Hartford with the goal of benefiting his neighbors, not advancing an ideology.

We need a representative who will advance policies that can keep Connecticut beautiful, without trapping us with policies (like

state-mandated use of electric vehicles) that will put more strain on working families.

We need a representative who will work to roll back poorly considered, knee-jerk legislative responses to the headline of the day, like

Connecticut's Defund the Police bill. I am confident that Bob will faithfully represent the needs of Ridgefielders.

as the Representative for House District 111. Bob Hebert will work hard and fast to identify practical solutions that will advance the needs of the whole town for our future.

Susan, and Douglas Kleinmann

Danbury Road