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Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

Letter to the editor graphic/Hearst Connecticut Media

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To the Editor:

Most parents have no idea that the biennial budget passed by all Democrats, including Bob Hebert’s opponent, included a mandate for a one-size fits all Hartford-created literacy program.  In addition to lacking transparency, this will override Ridgefield’s literacy program that took us 2 years and $250,000 to produce, and has proven results.  

This overreach by Hartford is exactly what Bob Hebert will try to stop.  In fact, he signed the Parental Pledge in which he “promise(d) to honor the fundamental rights of parents including the right to direct the education, medical care and moral upbringings of their children.”  Transparency and parental involvement are crucial. If parents aren’t in charge of their children, who is?  The State?

Bob’s opponent claims to be “for the children” but she voted to cut Ridgefield’s Special Education budget by $228,939 in the 2021-2022 state budget and we are expecting  another $300,000 cut in 2022-2023.  As an advocate for ALL children, Bob would work to reinstate the Special Education funding as well as funding the learning that was lost due to the state shutdown during the Pandemic.

Bob Hebert believes local schools should be under local control.  As one of the top school systems in the country, Ridgefield has shown it is up to the job.  Please vote for Bob Hebert on November 8 along with me.

Caroline Heiser

Spectacle Lane