To the Editor:

Peter Townsend wrote “The Rock Opera Tommy” as parody in 1968. It’s about a deaf, dumb, blind kid who fools the masses into playing pinball as the civil religion for social justice. Few of the ’60s hippies, mongrel progenitors of the woke that now dominate our country, ever understood its true irony. I had the privilege with getting drunk with the lads in 1969, having snuck backstage, in the days before “security.” You’d have to have met them in person to understand how raucous, sarcastic and deeply intelligent they really were. The cover art of their masterpiece, “Who’s Next” tells it all.

The lyric of the opera’s last track reverses choruses in order to depict the moment when the people realize that they have been tricked. Properly adopted, civilly followed, it should serve as the anthem for the 70,812,803 who opposed the ideas of the party now proclaiming power: “We’re not gonna take it, Never did and never will, don’t need no religion as far as we can tell, we ain’t gonna take you, never did and never will ... gonna break it, gonna shake it ... let’s forget you better still.”

It will take years for principled conservatives to undo the damage done by fools on both sides, but it can be undone by civil engagement at every level to accomplish the same objective those four mad lads had in mind. I intend to conduct an intellectual “resistance,” and to mete out unto the party that now claims the presidency, in a civil manner, precisely what they meted out to their hated enemy, in spades. I encourage other principled conservatives to consider doing the same. There are many good reasons to do so.

John Tartaglia