Letter to the editor: Aimee Berger-Girvalo, a tireless advocate for Ridgefield

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Hearst Connecticut Media Letter to the Editor graphic 

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Aimee Berger-Girvalo has proven herself as a tireless advocate for the people of Ridgefield. If there is one thing I trust, it is that Aimee will never back down and she will never ignore an issue. She would never allow the fear of breaking with conventional norms stop her from working relentlessly to do what's right. Aimee is the type of person who looks at a situation and sees what needs to be done. She does so with compassion and a deep understanding of how to actually make things happen. Aimee will not stop until wrongs are righted, and the people she is charged with representing have gotten the best outcome possible for the issues at hand. With the social and political upheaval happening all around us in this country, and the worries that our freedoms and lifestyle norms may be driven backwards — instead of progressing — Aimee is a necessary force for our community. She will ensure that the rights of all people in her constituency are kept at the fore, especially the rights of women and those traditionally underrepresented. Aimee will carry the torch for the ongoing mission of evolving into an ever more equal and just society. Of this I have zero doubt. These brave and admirable traits, along with her now deep connections to — and knowledge of — our state government are invaluable. That is why I will definitely be voting for Aimee Berger-Girvalo.

Elizabeth DiSalvo, 

57 White Birch Road