Accessory dwelling units new regs would increase traffic

To the Editor:

Below is an open letter to the Planning and Zoning Commission.

There are too many unanswered questions about your proposal to expand allowable accessory dwelling units to 1,200-square-feet and two bedrooms.

We should accommodate families with elderly parents, disabled children or household help, but allowing all single-family homeowners to add accessory dwelling units with two bedrooms is too broad.

We are expected to add deed-restricted “affordable housing” units and both proposals together would overburden on our town infrastructure for sewer capacity, traffic patterns and schools.

Please limit the ADU’s to family members or household help and have a maximum number of people per square foot or per bathroom, for example. As described by Mr. [Richard] Baldelli, [zoning enforcement officer] on Tuesday, your proposal could include housing for five, six or seven people, within the town’s “family definition.”

The proposal will increase traffic. I was told by Planning and Zoning that the police saw no issue with the level of traffic and the state will be changing Main Street next year. The roads are backed up every day, morning and evening, complete with gridlock, from Main Street to Valero. Do you not see it? Why are we adding to it?

I asked how new ADU’s can hook up to the new sewer plant and Mr. Baldelli said there is capacity for these apartments. The town told us that no additional capacity was included for the new sewer plant to avoid hookups from new development.

What is the truth? Also, no one addressed the potential impact on the water table from ADU’s on well water: the added capacity can draw down the water table.

The builders, the Realtors and the banks will all profit from this proposal for unrestricted development while it overcrowds our town in tandem with the affordable housing requirements. Due diligence is critical for this proposal.

Jeanmarie McLean, Ridgefield, Feb. 12