Zoning commission OKs release of bond of dam at Taylor’s Pond

The Planning and Zoning Commission approved the release of a $40,000 bond for the upkeep of a dam at Taylor’s Pond, off of Limestone Road, at its May 22 meeting.

The bond was originally posted in 1986 as part of an agreement to subdivide the roughly 29-acre parcel of land, Planning and Zoning Director Richard Baldelli explained at the meeting. Under the terms of the subdivision, most of the land would go to the town, where it would be preserved as open space. As a condition for the approval, the dam that sits on the property was to be maintained and in good condition when the land was eventually turned over to the town. That didn’t happen, so the bond was put up instead.

“But even then the Conservation Commission did not want to be the owners of the open space with the dam that needed repairs,” Baldelli told The Press on Thursday, May 24. “So for the past 30-plus years, the dam was in open space in private ownership.”

The current plan will see the dam continue to be held in private hands as part of a two-acre lot that will remain open space. The remaining space — a little more than 27 acres — will go to the town Conservation Commission.

The dam is owned “in effect by the developer,” Baldelli said.

“So the sole liability of the dam is owned by the developer?” asked Commissioner John Katz.

Baldelli indicated that was correct.

The six members of the commission present at the meeting all voted in favor of approving the bond release.