Zoners approve Route 7 sign

The Planning and Zoning Commission voted to approve a 12-foot-high sign at 665 Danbury Road at its Jan. 16 meeting.

The application had previously called for an 18-foot-high sign, but concerns were raised in the application process that that height would be above the normal sightline for drivers on the street.

Robert Jewell, who represented JFM Realty LLC in the application, also said the sign had been held up by a recent court ruling against the commission, which strictly interpreted the town’s regulations on what could, and could not, go in a lot’s yard setbacks — the area of blank space around a property line in which building is not typically allowed.

“Just so you know, the maximum sign height is 10 feet,” said Richard Baldelli, director of the Planning and Zoning Department. None of the commissioners objected, and the motion passed unanimously.