Village changes: Town shortens some parking times

The allowed parking time for 22 spaces on the eastern edge of the village commercial district was reduced from three-hour to two-hour, with signs going on Friday, July 13.

Parking Authority member Jessica Wilmot said the change was made at the request of the ownership of the Donnelly shopping center, where the spaces are located. She also said it’s a return to a previous time limit in the location.

“The three-hour spots had been changed from two-hour spots when the Balducci's space was vacant. Now that the Donnelly's have tenants they requested to have the time limits returned to two-hour spots.”

The town lot off Governor Street near the Boys and Girls Club — there all-day parking is available to village workers —  has been full frequently in recent weeks. To address this First Selectman Rudy Marconi said July 10 that he’d asked Boys and Girls Club Director Mike Flynn to ask his staff, which increases with summer camp, to park in other areas — off Market Street by Veterans Park field, or by Veterans Park School and The Barn.

“We are in the process of discussion and hopefully there will be a near-term solution,” Marconi said.

Town Personnel Director Laurie Fernandez, who does some management of parking enforcement, said the Parking Authority is having a new map made of the time-limits on the spaces it patrols.

Plans for another parking lot that was approved by voters in the last referendum are in the works, but it has to go through the approval process and bidding before construction can begin, according to Town Engineer Charles Fisher. He doesn’t expect the lot will be ready until next spring or summer.