Town votes to take ownership of Ridgebury Cemetery

Ridgefield residents voted for the town to assume ownership of Ridgebury Cemetery at a town meeting Wednesday night, Oct. 11.

The cemetery has been owned and maintained by the non-profit Ridgebury Cemetery Association since 1907. The association is currently headed by Robert Keeler Reynolds.

“Given that he’s moving up in years, he’s concerned he won’t be able to keep up the cemetery, so he’s asked to convey it the town of Ridgefield,” First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. 

Despite the rain, about 20 town residents showed up to the meeting Wednesday night — a majority of them senior citizens. The weather, and gloomy subject matter, did little to trample spirits, as the meeting soon took on the air of a social hour.

When the time came for “nay” votes against conveying the property to the town, one resident jokingly muttered “nay!” under his breath, and the room dissolved into laughter.

“Doug, are you going to run the Ridgebury cemetery?” Marconi asked him genially, after the meeting had been adjourned.

The motion passed, otherwise unopposed.

Given a chance to make public comment, only Maureen Kiernan spoke; simply to say that Reynolds does not himself own the cemetery, as comments by the board seemed to suggest.

Kiernan sits on the town Graveyard Restoration Committee, which will manage the property and its endowment for the town.