Town puts off meeting on senior tax deferments

Language raising the maximum income level for the town’s senior tax deferment program from $55,000 to $65,000 has been removed from the agenda of the June 19 town meeting, and is now expected to go before voters at a town meeting in the fall.

Under the deferment program — currently in effect for property owners with incomes of up to $55,000 — a taxpayer 65 or older may defer paying their taxes, and continue living in their house, year after year if they wish.

The taxes are collected when the house is eventually sold.
In a related change the selectmen had also proposed extending the amount of time a deceased taxpayer’s estate has to pay up previously deferred taxes. A town meeting vote on that, too, has been delayed until the fall.

The only remaining item on the agenda of the June 19 town meeting is the passage of reworded resolutions concerning the grants for Branchville redevelopment, as requested by the state Bonding Commission to finalize grants for the program.

The town meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 19 at 7:30 in town hall, following a Board of Selectmen’s meeting that starts at 6:30.

The selectmen were also planning to send voters a law concerning speed limits in town, but this was dropped after town official leaned the state claims authority over all speed limits.