Town operating budget: Board of Finance cuts $60,000

Some town departments are not getting as much funding as they originally thought in 2017-18.

The Board of Selectmen has made $5,000 cuts to the library, highway, fire, police, and finance departments, and has cut $10,000 from parks and recreation and $25,000 from legal expenses — money paid to the town’s attorneys.

The selectmen looked for the $60,000 worth of cuts in their operating budget at an April 5 meeting after receiving the final decision from the Board of Finance the day before.

The selectmen were disappointed with the decision, after having made efforts to keep the budget as trim as possible before taking it to the Board of Finance.

“Where do they think there’s fat?” asked Selectwoman Barbara Manners.

First Selectman Rudy Marconi said the finance board had gotten into line items and contingency funds.

“It’s a small number, it’s $62,000,” Marconi said. “And we watch it very closely — we’re very conservative.

“But they felt that could have been cut.”

The board voted to cut from a few departments, and the legal expense line.

The cuts are small compared to the overall budgets of each department, which were $199,800 for legal, $4,606,610 for parks and recreation, $1,932,591 for the library, $5,231,589 for police, $4.5 million for fire, and $2,957,174 for highway.

“I am offended every year by the Board of Finance who feel that they have to cut us,” said Manners.

“We parse through this budget every year and we cut every ounce of fat out of it.”