Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi will step down

After almost four decades in one of town hall’s busiest offices, Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi has tendered her resignation, effective Aug. 31.

“It’s time to hang up the spikes,” she said Thursday, July 5.

“You wake up one morning, and you say: ‘it’s time.’ I often wondered: ‘How am I going to know?‘ It happens,” she said.

Serfilippi, a Ridgefield native, has worked in the town clerk’s office for 39 years.

“I worked for 17 years as assistant town clerk, and I’ve been town clerk for 22 — that’s a total of 39 years,” she said. “Don’t you think that’s enough?”

First Selectman Rudy Marconi said Serfilippi’s extraordinary dedication to her job and the town will be greatly missed.

“No doubt about it. If you looked at dedication to one’s job, you’d see her picture in the dictionary,” Marconi said.

“Absolutely dedicated to be sure that office runs smoothly, professionally, providing the best level of service for the people of Ridgefield — and she’s done that.”

Town clerk is an elected position, but the Board of Selectmen will be interviewing candidates and will name someone to fill the job for a little over a year — between Serfilippi’s Aug. 31 resignation date and the next town election, in November 2019, when a new town clerk will be elected by the voters.

To be considered for the job, someone must be a Ridgefield resident and voter. The charter also requires that a replacement for an elected official be of the same political party — in Serfilippi’s case, a Republican.

Although the charter gives the selectmen until the end of September — 30 days after the effective date of Serfilippi’s resignation — to fill the position, Marconi said he’d like the selectmen to make an appointment soon, if possible.

“What we’re hoping to do is get someone — and I’ve spoken to Barbara about this — whoever the person happens to be, have that individual start as soon as possible, so that person spends some time with Barbara,” Marconi said. “August 31 is right around the corner.”

Marconi said people seeking information about the job should contact Town Personnel Director Laurie Fernandez by calling 203-431-2775, or emailing

Serfilippi has two sons —  one in Florida and one in Bethel — as well as two grandchildren and a 98-year-old mother.

Among her thoughts in stepping down was simply to “have time to do some things before I get too old,” she said with a laugh.

“I’ve been here a very long time,” she added.

“That’s about it,” she said. “No great inspirations, just it’s time. You just know it.”