Route 35 bridge work resumes this week; minor impacts to traffic expected

If this weekend's power outages and storm cleanup didn't have Ridgefielders in a sour mood to begin the week, then construction at the Route 35 bridge site should do the trick.

The state's Department of Transportation has notified the town that Baier — the construction company responsible for the repair project by the Fox Hill condominiums — is resuming work Monday, March 5, and plans to be on site the rest of the week weather permitting.

"Baier is on site today working on their equipment," Ryan Wodjenski of the state Department of Transportation Monday.

The impact of traffic on Route 35 — one of the town's main corridors — is expected to be "minor," according to Wodjenski.

"Only minor impacts to traffic are expected," he said.

There are no plans for alternating, one-way traffic at the Route 35 bridge site as of Monday, March 5.

Check back into for more updates later this week.