Ridgefield property transfers: May 8-15

Three houses and one condominium worth a total of $2,237,000 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from May 8 to May 15, with $5,592 collected in conveyance taxes. Ridgefield property transfers include:
243 West Lane: Steven and Deborah Debara to Michael Hudson and Galdys Guillet-Brown of Somers, N.Y., May 8, $745,000.
167 High Ridge Avenue: St. Mary’s Corp to RJR Builders LLC of Danbury, May 10, $475,000.
33 Rolling Hill Road: Lela Ogden to Frank Kessler of Danbury, May 13, $752,000.
19 Olcott Way (Casagmo): Ellen Sullivan of Morristown, N.J., to Tyler and Johanna Kremberg, May 13, $265,000.