Ridgefield property transfers: May 1-May 7

Eight houses and one condominium worth a total of $4,926,000 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from May 1 to May 7, with $12,305 collected in conveyance taxes. Ridgefield property transfers include:
65 Topstone Road: Robert and Jennifer Rieger to David Birnkrant and Revital Amilov of The Bronx, N.Y., May 1, $690,000.
154 Minuteman Road: Trust of Curtis Tilton to Michael and Jennifer Sunderman of Ashburn, Va., May 1, $565,000.
45 Acorn Place: Mark Sirkin of Bedford, N.Y., to Rafael and Danielle Llamas, May 2, $745,000.
12 North Street: Witold and Izabela Ortonowski to Contstance Kuijpers of West Lane, May 2, $636,000.
3 Mulberry Street: Ripley and Judith Quinby of Yorktown, N.Y., to Carrie and Damien King, May 3, $586,000.
15 Rita Road: Helena Mendes of Danbury Road to David Anderson and Olga Gerreras, May 3, $525,000.
21 Silver Spring Road: Damien and Carrie King to Kevin Portanova and Bethany Hammond, May 3, $412,5000.
3 Daisy Lane (Fox Hill): Rafael and Danielle Llamas to Janet Marino, May 7, $261,000.
13 Fillmore Lane: Garry Jones of Bridgeport to John Burns and Margaret Jones, May 7, $502,000.