Ridgefield property transfers: March 28 to April 3

Nine houses, two condominiums and one townhouse worth a total of $7,076,000 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from March 28 to April 3, with $16,863 collected in conveyance taxes. Ridgefield property transfers include:
190 Old Sib Road: John and Loretta Wolf of Norwell, Mass., to Ed Morales and Yuliya Jhanwar, March 28, $538,000.
36 Catoonah Street, Unit 18 (Victoria Gate): Lora Guerrino to Pamela Gugliotta of Saunders Lane, March 28, $580,000.
26 Wooster Street: Matthew Byrnes to Derek and Kimberly Fisher, March 28, $945,000.
19 Madeline Drive: Nicholas and Kendall Schmidt to Mary Ellen McGuire, March 28, $335,000.
102 Whipstick Road: Shirley Clifford of Alexandria, Va., to Nicholas and Kendall Schmidt of Madeline Drive, March 28, $542,500.
14 Barlow Mountain Road: Cynthia and Richard Schickler of Beaufort, S.C., to Benjamin and Meagan Smiles of Stamford, March 29, $775,000.
234 Barrack Hill Road: Bank of New York Mellon Trust to Sean Mulvaney of Danbury, March 29, $330,500.
103 Olcott Way (Casagmo): Jennifer Singer of Redding to Rajesh Rangaswamy, April 1, $161,000.
165 Mopus Bridge Road: Grant and Deborah Davis of Main Street to Keith and Lisa Andrzejewski, April 2, $1,645,000.
4 Cartpenter Close (Casagmo): James Stringer to Mattew Gorman of Sunset Lane, April 2, $165,000.
67 Mamanasco Road: Toby Payne of Riviera, Fla., to Eileen Polo, April 2, $530,000.
20 Florida Hill Road: Gregory Jaques to Lore James and Maria Aguilar, April 3, $525,000.