Ridgefield property transfers: June 28 to July 5

Twenty seven houses, one townhouse, one condominium, and one commercial property worth a total of $21,314,916 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi from June 28 to July 5, with $53,287 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers include:

2 Nutmeg Court: Patricia King to Trevor and Brooke Preston of Norwalk, June 28, $459,000.

15 Cedar Lane: John and Alison McVeigh to Richard and Lisa Sauer of Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., June 28, $1,335,000.

24 Barnum Lane: Thomas and Michele Jordan to Boban Stozinic and Amy Kraus of Neds Mountain Road, June 28, $775,000.

78 Manor Road: Steven and Valerie Cooke to Albert Deluca of South Salem, N.Y., June 28, $895,000.

144 High Ridge Ave: Gary Rahlfs and Lori Coleman-Rahlfs to Benjamin and Bethany Pajak, June 28, $1,425,000.

16 Mead Ridge Drive: Paul Builter to Christopher and Kristin Messina of Brewster, N.Y., June 28, $610,000.

6 Farmingville Road: Ridgefield Realty Association and Josephine Socci of Stamford to Longo Carwash LLC, June 28, $1,400,000.

21 Pierrepont Drive: Timothy and Diane Washer of Danbury to Alexander and Megan Magliozzi, June 28, $504,000.

275 North Street: Ward and Kathleen Carpenter to Daehwan Kim and Insill Park of Outpost Lane, June 28, $560,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 334: Charter Group Partners LLC of Danbury Road to Thomas McNamara and Tony Cook, June 29, $570,216.

1 Huckleberry Lane: James and Meghan Miller to Daniel and Claire Lorusso of Lewis Drive, June 29, $462,000.

128 Florida Hill Road: Sally Kenny to Chace and Kelly Calkin of Stamford, June 29, $500,700.

15 Fieldcrest Drive: Adam Barker of Danbury to Michael Peck of South Salem, N.Y., June 29, $350,000.

7 Pin Pack Road: Thomas and Adelaide Williams to Stephen and Kristine Hunton, June 29, $664,500.

26 Doubleday Lane: Bennett and Susan Farmer to Joseph Collin and Maureen Wolff-Collin of Mount Kisco, N.Y., June 29, $860,000.

11 Ivy Hill Road: Stanley and Diane Reunert to Adam and Abby Thompson of New Street, June 29, $865,000.

32 Florida Hill Road: David and Daria Fisher to Charles and Michelle Bergman of Hartsdale, N.Y., June 28, $510,000.

36 Charter Oak Court: Anthony and Kathleen Dale of Arlington, Va., to Frank Tufano and Jaclyn Grubb, June 29, $650,000.

472 Bennetts Farm Road: Robert Perry to Michael and Kristina Sai of Bethel, June 29, $435,000.

9 Mead Ridge Road: Jeremy and Patricia Dwyer of Quincy, Mass., to Andrew and Marbel Holmes, June 29, $576,000.

6 North Street: Georgeann Fagas of Southbury to Jennifer Variale of Old Salem Road, July 2, $410,000.

224 West Lane: Elizabeth Alonso-Arpaia to Rick and Jeannie Dryfoos of Danville, C.A., July 2, $871,000.

11 Sugar Maple Lane (Fox Hill): Todd and Patricia Paszkiewicz to Marcia Galasso of Druid Lane, July 2, $267,000.

209 Limestone Road: James and Susan Mulvaney to Thomas and Nikolas Gospodinoff of Greenwich, July 2, $780,000.

171 High Ridge Avenue: St. Mary’s Corporation of Catoonah Street to Francis and Amanda Rowella of North Salem Road, July 3, $490,000.

20 Gilbert Street: John and Pamela Zupo to Jason Gartner and Kristen Britton of High Ridge Avenue, July 3, $1,412,500.

161 Oscaleta Road: Raymond Mele of Danbury Road to Jonathan and Jessica Hinkley, July 3, $670,000.

54 Woodchuck Lane: Michael and Dana Lust of Ontario, Canada, to Nigel and Patricia Knox of Tarrytown, N.Y., July 3, $930,000.

49 Dowling Road: Sandro Stefanelli of Malvern, Pa., to AG and Cynthia Sturm of New Fairfield, July 5, $553,000.