Ridgefield property transfers: July 12-18

Twelve houses, four condominiums, and two townhouses worth a total of $9,264,804 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi from July 12 to July 18, with $22,637 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers include:

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 321: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to John and Eline Noonan, July 22, $568,072.

12 Bryon Avenue: St. Mary’s Corp. of Catoonah Street to Ridgefield Capital Investors LLC of Main Street, July 12, $525,000.

77 Sunset Lane, Unit 324: Charter Group Partners LLC. of Danbury Road to Kenneth and Ursula Olsen, July 13, $618,732.

142 Walnut Grove Road: Ryan and Christy Stevenson to Stephen and Jenna Carriero of Stamford, July 13, $710,000.

1 Edelweiss Lane (Fox Hill): Estate of James Hancock to Mary Giumarro, July 13, $210,000.

18 Bryon Avenue: St. Mary’s Corp. of Catoonah Street to Thomas and Innocenta Savundranayagam of Main Street, July 13, $495,000.

6 Millers Lane: Robert and Mayuri Furgala to John Papadoulias and Margaret Dovovan of Norwalk, July 13, $795,000.

58 Blacksmith Ridge Road: Dominic and Victoria Amendum of Greensboro, N.C., to Amy Sach and Michael Tier of Wellesley, Mass., July 16, $860,000.

7 Juneberry Lane (Fox Hill): Estate of Emelie Howard to Akiko Matsuki of Darien, July 16, $219,000.

280 North Salem Road: Gang Zhang and Jen-Hui Wang of Riverside to William Daughtery of Hulda Lane, July 16, $480,000.

3 Nettle Lane (Fox Hill): Christopher and Anne Cutter of Southbury to Monica Johnson, July 16, $225,000.

6 Rainbow Drive: Aimee Jette to David Adamcio, July 17, $336,000.

180 Peaceable Street: Daniel and Gloria Vitti to Christopher and Karen Braccia of New Canaan, July 17, $610,000.

4 Cottonwood Lane (Fox Hill): Richard Yagami to CAL Homes LLC of Manor Road, July 18, $129,000.

87 Old South Salem Road: Chengxin Li and Shujing Dai of Warren, N.J., to Anan Hussein of Bedford Hills, N.Y., July 18, $429,000.

174 Minuteman Road: Kailash Iyer to Vatsala Nayak of Coppell, Texas, to Mark and Jessica Burt, July 18, $730,000.

351 Old Sib Road: Estate of Aliza Dimendberg to Zane and Carol Phifer of Yonkers, N.Y., July 18, $700,000.

53 Riverside Drive: Robert and Susan Harrick to Alexander and Rachael Leukart of Brooklyn, N.Y., July 18, $625,000.