Ridgefield property transfers: Feb. 22-28

Three houses and two condominiums worth a total of $2,431,750 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi between Feb. 22 and Feb. 28. The town received $6,079 in conveyance taxes from the transfers, which included:

30 Prospect Street (Unit 100): Neil Schwimer of Fairfield to Sandhu Real Estate LLC of Nursery Road, Feb. 22, $325,000.

36 Beechwood Lane: Sean Conciatore of Danbury to Corie Kraemer, Feb. 22, $535,000.

96 Scotts Ridge Road: Stefanie Rosenberg of Bennetts Farm Road to Kimberly Lombardo and Kristopher Zulkeski, Feb. 24, $321,750.

36 Danbury Road: Power Test Realty Limited Partnership of Jericho, N.Y., to JMF Realty LLC of Danbury Road, Feb. 24, $1,100,000.

3 Quarry Corner (Fox Hill): Dale Ahearn of Mountain Road to Patricia Soika of Main Street, Feb. 28, $150,000.