Ridgefield property transfers: Dec. 5-15

Fourteen houses, six townhouses, two condominiums, and one residential lot worth a total of $15,070,882 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi Dec. 5 through Dec. 15, with $36,339 collected in conveyance taxes. Transfers included:

7 South Olmstead Lane: Patrick and Kristen Goss to Michael and Courtney Trebing, Dec. 6, $610,000.

21 Silver Spring Road: Heidi and Frank Weber to Michael Mingione and Patricia Quartucio of Eleven Levels, Dec. 6, $360,000.

7 Lynch Brook Lane: Stephen and Madalyn Dyott to Rath Fhearr LLC, Dec. 6, $1,425,000.

59 Prospect Street, Unit D (Wisteria Gardens): Joseph Sabella Trust of Napa, Calif., to Harry and Eric Berkley of Stamford, Dec. 8, $419,000.

258 North Street: Orlando Pola and Wendy Banks Pola of North Salem Road to 258 North Street LLC, Dec. 8, $450,000.

77 Sunset Lane (Unit 212): Charter Group Partners LLC of Brookfield to Lou Rae Powers, Dec. 8, $542,376.

77 Sunset Lane (Unit 211): Charter Group Partners LLC of Brookfield to Christopher and Cheryl Crowl, Dec. 11, $541,593.

77 Sunset Lane (Unit 213): Charter Group Partners LLC of Brookfield to Jean Ferlazzo, Dec. 11, $496,337.

210 Mamanasco Road: David Jack of New York, N.Y., to Marilyn Amdur, Dec. 11, $660,000.

3 Edelweiss Lane (Fox Hill): Brenner Lecompte to Suzanne Morris of Prospect Ridge, Nov. 11, $257,000.

6 Silver Spring Road: Jack and Patricia Halbert to Dante and Sandy Amenta of New Canaan, Dec. 11, $495,000.

64 Pumping Station Road: Keith Crook and Raisa Katz to Aimee Scher of New York, N.Y., Dec. 11, $918,500.

80 Standish Drive: Richard and Nancy Beckert of Newbury, N.H., to Daniel and Jenna Enson, Dec. 12, $675,000.

36 Catoonah Street, Unit 16 (Victoria Gate): John Sfondrini of South Ridge Court to John Gasparrini of Arrowhead Drive, Dec. 14, $535,000.

247 Limestone Road: Beth Weissenberger of North Salem, N.Y., to John Williams of North Salem, N.Y., Dec. 14, $680,000.

77 Sunset Lane (Unit 214): Charter Group Partners LLC of Brookfield to Dolores MacNeill, Dec. 14, $497,576.

12 Highview Drive: David and Gannon Ward to Francis and Allison O’Brien of Stamford, Dec. 14, $495,000.

109 Old Branchville Road: Gerald Rosenfeld and Judith Zarin of New York, N.Y., to Daniel Gardner and Lisa Mawhinney of New Canaan, Dec. 14, $2,000,000.

127 Mamanasco Road: Christopher and Judith Longo to David and Gannon Ward of Highview Drive, Dec. 15, $765,000.

146 Tanton Hill Road: John and Patricia Ann Silvanie to Frank and Rebecca Avallone of Old Greenwich, Dec. 15, $884,000.

3 Farmingville Road (Lot F-13): Ridgefield Realty Association of Farmingville Road to Farmingville Road LLC of Danbury Road, Dec. 15, $350,000.

8 Kiwi Corner (Fox Hill): Estate of James Hancock to Lori Buono, Dec. 15, $135,000.

277 Mamanasco Road: Christopher and Sara Janine Grail of South Shore Drive to Nanditha and Kausheek Nandy, Dec. 15, $858,000.