Ridgefield property transfers: Aug. 1-8

Ten homes and three condominiums worth a total of $8,276,000 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Barbara Serfilippi Aug. 1-8, with $20,690 in conveyance taxes collected. Transfers included:

76 Walnut Hill Road: Dietter Properties LLC of Brookfield to Daniel and Diana Stadnyk of Stamford, Aug. 1, $525,000.

233 Old Branchville Road: Joseph and Carol Zarb Trust of Avon to Andrew and Cynthia Hoemann, Aug. 1, $1,185,000.

79 Old Sib Road: Jacqueline Monahan to Brian Egge of Olcott Way, Aug. 1, $487,500.

51 Ketcham Road: Geraldine McMahon to Marcelo and Heather Queiroz of N.Y., Aug. 1, $860,000.

42 Donnelly Drive: Jonathan and Julia Khaldarov of N.Y. to David and Janine Farkas, Aug. 1, $427,500.

70 Flat Rock Drive: Thomas M. Gotimer of Shelton to Justin Agovino and Jessica Baron, Aug. 1, $430,000.

84 Pelham Lane: Jeffrey and Sharon Hyde to Lance and Beth Bell of Maine, Aug. 1, $963,500.

120 Prospect Street Unit 32: Mary Ellen Utell to Hareesh Subramanian of Silver Brook Road, Aug. 2, $495,000.

17 Ramapoo Hill Road: Giuseppe and Dawn Forgione to Lawrence and Sandra Levine of Stamford, Aug. 2, $625,000.

225 Mamanasco Road: Karen Ruggiero of Saw Mill Hill Road to Ashley Farrar of Westport, Aug. 2, $240,000.

193 Peaceable Street: Christopher O’Neill of Douglas Lane to Erick Young and Ying-Ju Hou, Aug. 2, $550,000.

61 Olcott Way: Jeanne Goodspeed to Dariusz Krzysztof of Kotarowski, Aug. 3, $139,000.

500 Main Street (Unit 16): Elms 1516 LLC of 500 Main Street to Jeanette Horan, Aug. 7, $1,348,000.