Ridgefield property transfers: April 4 to April 16

Ten houses, five condominiums and one commercial property worth a total of $8,766,000 changed hands in deeds filed with Town Clerk Wendy Lionetti from April 4 to April 16, with $16,863 collected in conveyance taxes. Ridgefield property transfers include:
190 Barry Avenue: Bruce Campbell of Barry Avenue to Scott Krysa of North Salem, N.Y., April 4, $705,000.
92 Olcott Way (Casagmo): Joseph Fleming to Michael Kiselak, April 4, $210,000.
33 Pinecrest Drive: Patrick and Tonya Deangelis of Canby, Ore., to Thomas and Nancy Weilenmann, April 8, $663,000.
5 Island Path (Fox Hill): Michael Rosa of Stamford to David Bruckenthal Jr. of Danbury, April 8, $170,000.
845 North Salem Road: Perry and Alexandria Beaumont to Bruce and Deborah Michel of South Salem, N.Y., April 9, $2,310,000.
70 Scotts Ridge Road: Anthony Cataldo to Howard Lewis III of Cook Close, April 10, $531,000.
900 Ethan Allen Highway: Krisam Holdings Inc. of Redding to 900 Ethan Allen Highway LLC. of Bailey Avenue, April 11, $490,000.
9 Hayes Lane: Pauline Doenges of Peaceable Ridge Road to Mary Beobide of Katonah, N.Y., April 11, $385,000.
351 Bennett’s Farm Road: Trust of Philip Bergen of Bethel to Cordero Properties LLC of Trumbull, April 12, $280,000.
3 Quarry Corner (Fox Hill): Patricia and Janine Soika of South Olmstead to Joseph and Mariko Yoo, April 15, $175,000.
143 Saint Johns Road: Adam and Karen Gold of Needham, Mass. to Michael Petchonka and Rachel Wilson of Saratoga Springs, N.Y., April 15, $660,000.
1 Saw Mill Hill Road: Karen Ruggiero to Ian Sorrentino of Brooklyn, N.Y., April 15, $480,000.
4 Glen Road: Martin Matkovich and Frank Altese to Anthony Francoline of Brookfield, April 15, $1,100,000.
3 Plum Path (Fox Hill): James and Hollu Endee of Belvedere Court to Bridie Joyce of Fairfield, April 15, $228,000.
106 Olcott Way (Casagmo): Aimee Nyarady of Danbury to Eric and Karen Paul of South Salem, N.Y., April 15, $153,000.
8 Rustic Road: Trust of Robert MacDonald of Danbury to AJ Profix LLC of Stamford, April 16, $226,000.